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Research Postgraduate Student Projects

Year Title Author
2020 2D ferroelectricity and piezoelectricity for electronic devices Shuoguo YUAN
2019 A study on energy-storage materials for supercapacitor applications Kun YU
2019 Amplified spontaneous emission and lasing from lead halide perovskites under multiple-photon excitation Decheng YANG
2019 Atomic scale structure variations at ferroelectric domain walls in multiferroic BiFeO₃ Man Ho LEUNG
2019 Characterization of 2D heterostructures Ka Ho CHAN
2019 Co-precipitation synthesis of lanthanide-doped nanoparticles for sensing applications Yuen Ting WONG
2019 Design and fabrication of lanthanide-doped upconversion particles for optical applications Ting WANG
2019 Design and fabrication of low-loss plasmonic and upconversion lasers Chun Kit SIU
2020 Design and fabrication of perovskite based frequency-upconverted nano/micro lasers Siqi LI
2019 Fabrication and characterization of transparent oxide thin film Ka Kin LAM
2019 Fast, broadband and self-driven photodetectors based on Pt or Pd-TMDs Longhui ZENG
2020 Ferroelectric oxides with high piezoelectricity and low band gap for solar energy harvesting applications Man Kit CHAN
2019 Growth and characterization of transition metal telluride thin films Cheuk Ho CHAN
2019 Identification of mechanically exfoliated graphene and applications of graphene impermeability Xinpeng SHEN
2020 Lanthanide near-infrared luminescence in layered semiconductor nanosheet hosts Yongxin LYU
2020 Mechanical energy harvesting and conversion based on utilization of luminescence materials and triboelectric nanogenerator Man Chung WONG
2019 Microfluidic plasmonic packed-bed reactor (μPPBR) for photocatalytic water purification Pui Hong YEUNG
2019 Microfluidic reactors for artificial photosynthesis of carbohydrates using Calvin cycle Yujiao ZHU
2019 Novel plasmonic metal-semiconductor hybrid photocatalysts for enhanced organic decomposition Willis, Kwun Hei HO
2020 Optical nonlinear properties of novel two dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides Chun Yin TANG
2020 Optical performances of group-10 transition metal dichalcogenides materials Xinyu WANG
2019 Optics in perovskites and low-mobility materials based solar cells and color vision in perovskite sensors Md Wayesh QARONY
2019 Organic electrochemical transistors for wearable sensing Anneng YANG
2019 Oxygen and hydrogen sensing effects of supersonic cluster beam deposited zinc oxide films Ka Seng LAU
2020 Plasmonic nanohole array with strong mode coupling for hot carrier generation Yat Lam WONG
2019 Porous materials for solar-thermal conversion and catalytic water splitting Sainan MA
2020 Scanning near-field optical microscopy study of PtSe₂ flakes Kin Ping WONG
2020 Sn-based organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite for high performance photodetectors Chun Ki LIU
2019 Study of photovoltaic effect in lead-free ferroelectric perovskite oxides Ho Fung TING
2019 Study of strain effect to the LaAlO₃/SrTiO₃ heterostructure Fan ZHANG
2020 Surface engineering for efficient electrocatalytic water splitting and nitrogen reduction Lejuan CAI
2019 Synthesis and characterization of violet phosphorus Wai Kin LAI
2019 Synthesis of transition metal compounds for efficient electrocatalytic water splitting Qingzhao HU
2020 Synthesis of two-dimensional layered materials for electrocatalysis and photodetection applications Chun Hin MAK
2019 The study of inorganic perovskite solar cells Kai Chi TANG
2019 The study on high performance inorganic-organic hybrid perovskite solar cells Guanqi TANG
2020 Theoretical study of Lorentz non-reciprocal cylinder gratings Wai Chun WONG
2020 Theoretical study of topological gyrotropic lattices with dynamic long-range interactions Raymond, Pak Hong WU
2019 Transmission electron microscopy characterizations with in situ electrical manipulations on two-dimensional materials Lok Wing WONG
2019 Vertical graphene tunnelling heterostructures with ultrathin ferroelectric film as a tunnel barrier Hung Lit CHAN

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