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Key Points in completing WIE (click here for full procedures)

  1. MUST obtain prior approval from WIE coordinator BEFORE the commencement of WIE.
  2. Attendance of Pre -WIE Training is required BEFORE the commencement of WIE.
  3. WIE form “Record of Training for WIE” can be downloaded in ABCT website or collected from General Office (Y828).
  4. Upon completion of WIE, a completed “Record of Training for WIE” form, and the email confirmation of prior approval, should be submitted to , and cc. your job/internship supervisor.


Background of Work-Integrated Education

Work-Integrated Education (hereafter WIE) is a mandatory component in the curriculum of our UGC-funded 4-year undergraduate degree programmes or 2-year full-time articulation degree programme.  This education is intended to foster students with more exposure and hands-on working experience, thus have a better eventual university-to-work transition.  On completion, students will be able to demonstrate one or more of the following WIE learning outcomes:

  • appropriate knowledge, skills and techniques necessary for programme-related professions, or commitment in the role of programme-related professional; 
  • competency and effectiveness in delivering professional performance, or high ethical standards in the professional attributes; 
  • effective communication or information management skills, or critical thinking, analytical ability and entrepreneurship or leadership;
  • care and concern for the community by promoting and participating in professional and community activities at a local, national and international level.

WIE Requirement

Students are required to complete 2 training credits, each equivalent to 60 working hours. A completion of at least 120 working hours of full-time/part-time WIE training before graduation is needed. Virtual internship is not accepted as WIE fulfillment in our Department.

The Pre-WIE training, offered by SAO, aims to cultivate students’ good work ethics and behavior. It is mandatory for ABCT students to attend the training before the commencement of WIE internships. Students can attend the online Pre-WIE Training via Blackboard and complete the quiz after reading all materials in semester 2 of each academic year. Prior approval from WIE coordinator is also required before the commencement of WIE internships.


WIE Coordinators

WIE Coordinator is the authorized body to oversee the operation of WIE in the Department. Role of WIE Coordinator includes, but not limited to:
  • reviewing the relevance of the job for WIE fulfilment before students’ commencement to the placements
  • approving the Record of Training for WIE submitted by students after placements
  • providing advice to students if they have any difficulties in finding WIE placements

WIE Coordinator

Prof. Yao Zhongping

Chemical Technology (12447, 12447-SY)

Analytical Sciences for Testing and Certification (12456)


WIE Coordinator

Dr. Ko Chi-bun, Ben

Applied Biology with Biotechnology (12451, 12451-SY)

Food Safety and Technology (12454, 12454-SY)




  1. Complete Pre-WIE Training via Blackboard as well as receive the job or internship offer BEFORE seeking prior approval from WIE coordinator.
  2. Seek prior approval by completing the online submission form with the following information 7 days before you start the WIE: - The submission will be forwarded to WIE coordinator for consideration. Result will be notified through email within 7 days after your submission.
  3. Start your WIE ONLY AFTER OBTAINING prior approval from WIE coordinator.
  4. Submit the completed Record of Training for WIE form and prior approval email from WIE coordinator to and copy (i.e. cc) to your job/internship supervisor. Non-local students who have completed WIE in Hong Kong are also required to submit No Objection Letter (NOL). All documents will be submitted to the Department for review and consideration.
  5. WIE fulfillment status will be updated in eStudent at the end of semester upon approval your WIE training.



For any queries, please contact ABCT General Office. You may also visit the website of the Student Affairs Office (Careers and Placement Section) for more information.


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