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Prof. Ka-Leung Wong
PolyU Scholars Hub

Prof. Wong Ka-Leung, Gary 

Chair Professor of Chemistry

Research Overview

My research interests include image guided cancer therapy, lanthanide chemistry and spectroscopy. My group designs organic and inorganic materials as imaging probes and studies biological processes to pinpoint key interactions for further optimization of our materials for practical biological applications.

Research Interests

  • Bioinorganic Chemistry
  • Luminescent Materials
  • Lanthanide Chemistry
  • Spectroscopy


  • Journal of Luminescence, Editor
  • ChemPlusChem, International Advisory Board Member
  • Innovation and Technology Fund Research Projects Assessment Panel Member (Nanotechnology and Materials Technology Subgroup)
  • Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks MedTech Co-create Funding Scheme Assessment Panel Member
  • 2015 ERES Junior award from The European Rare Earth and Actinide Society
  • The Ministry of Education, second-class award at the Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Awards 2020 (Science and Technology)

1.     C. Xie, Y. Wu, H.-F. Chau, T. Zhang, C. T. Wong, Y.-H. Yeung, P.-L. Lam, J.-C. G. Bünzli, L. J. Charbonnière, G.-L. Law and K.-L. Wong*, ‘Multi-modal visualization of bioorthogonal systems by Off-On luminescence and enhanced magnetic resonance imaging’, Advanced Optical Materials, (2023) 2203057.


2.     M. Liu, Hei-Y. Kai, A. Huang, C.-K. Duan, K.-L. Wong* and P. Tanner*, ‘A First-principles and experimental study of trace impurities and NIR emission in alkaline earth hexaaluminates’, Chemistry of Materials, (2023) 35, 2399-3007. 


3.     Y. Wu, H.-F. Chau, Y.-H. Yeung, W. Thor, H.-Y. Kai, W.-L. Chan* and K.-L. Wong*,’Versatile synthesis of multivalent porphyrin–peptide conjugates by direct porphyrin construction on resin’, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, (2022) e202207532.


4.     S. Zha, H.-F. Chau, W. Y. Chau, L. S. Chan, J. L., K. W. Lo, W. C.-S. Cho, Y. L. Yip, S. W. Tsao, P. J. Farrell, J. M. Di,* G.-L. Law,* H. L. Lung,* and K-L Wong,* ‘Dual-targeting peptide-guided approach for precision delivery and cancer monitoring by using a safe upconversion nanoplatform’, Advanced Science, (2021) 2002919.  


5.     Y. Wu, H.-F. Chau, W. Thor, K. H. Y. Chan, X. Ma, W.-L. Chan,* N. J. Long,* and K.-L. Wong,* ‘Solid-phase peptide macrocyclization and multifunctionalization via dipyrrin construction’, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, (2021) 133, 20463-20469.


6.     W. Thor, Y. Wu, L. Wang, Y. Zhang, P. A. Tanner,* and K.-L. Wong,* ‘First reported charging and ultralong phosphorescence of lanthanide facilitated organic complex’, Nature Communications, (2021) 12, 1-9.


7.     Y. Wu, W.-S. Tam, H.-F. Chau, S. Kaur, W. Thor, W. S. Aik, W.-L. Chan,* M. Zweckstetter,* and K.-L. Wong,* ‘Solid-Phase fluorescent BODIPY–Peptide synthesis via in situ dipyrrin construction’, Chemical Science, (2020) 11, 11266-11273. 


8.     L. Jiang, H. L. Lung, T. Huang, R. Lan, S. Zha, L. S. Chan, W. Thor, T.-H. Tsoi, H.-F. Chau, C. Boreström, S. Cobb, S. W. Tsao, Z.-X. Bian, G.-L. Law, W.-T. Wong, W. C.-S. Tai, W. Y. Chau, Y. Du, L. H. X. Tang, A. K. S. Chiang, J. M. Middeldorp, K.-W. Lo, N.-K. Mak,* N. J. Long,* and K.-L. Wong*,    ‘Reactivation of Epstein Barr virus by a dual-responsive fluorescent EBNA1-targeting agent with Zn2+-chelating function’, Proceedings of National Academy of Science USA, (2019) 26614-26624.


9.     Y. Luo, Z. Liu, H.-T. Wong, L. Zhou, K.-L. Wong,* K.-K. Shiu, and P. A. Tanner*, “Energy transfer between Tb3+ and Eu3+ in LaPO4: pulsed vs switched-off continuous wave excitation”, Advanced Science, (2019) 6, 1900487.


10.  J. Zhang, W.-L. Chan, C. Xie, Y. Zhou, P. Maity, G. T. Harrison, A. Amassian, O. Mohammed, P. A. Tanner,* W.-K. Wong,* and K.-L. Wong* ‘Impressive near-infrared brightness and singlet oxygen generation from strategic lanthanide–porphyrin double–decker complexes in aqueous solution’, Light: Science & Applications, (2019) 8, 46.

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