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PolyU and Cainiao Group sign Memorandum of Understanding to explore new developments in green logistics

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and Cainiao Group (Cainiao) are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), as well as its first collaborative research on Meta-Box, to leverage their respective strengths in scientific innovation and industry development. Through collaborative technology research and development, the partnership aims to advance green, efficient and intelligent logistics solutions. The signing ceremony took place on the PolyU campus. Witnessed by Prof. WANG Zuankai, Associate Vice President (Research and Innovation) of PolyU, Prof. WEN Chih-Yung, Head of the Department of Aeronautical and Aviation Engineering (AAE), Mr NIU Zhijing, Vice President of Cainiao Group, and Ms WANG Yi, International Affairs Director of Cainiao Public Affairs (South China), Dr XU Gangyan, Assistant Professor of AAE of PolyU and Mr Leung Kam Un, General Manager, Import-Supply Chain Management (Overseas)-Operations (Hong Kong) of Cainiao, signed the MoU. PolyU’s Associate Vice President (Research and Innovation), Prof. Wang Zuankai expressed that as a loyal partner to the business community, PolyU has been committed to promoting scientific research and innovation by integrating valuable technologies with industries to address various technical challenges. The collaboration with Cainiao exemplifies this commitment. He believes by working together, PolyU and Cainiao can tackle technological and environmental challenges in the logistics industry, and contribute to creating a greener and more efficient logistics system in Hong Kong. Cainiao’s Vice President Mr Niu Zhijing stated that since its establishment, Cainiao has been dedicated to green logistics efforts, “The future of express delivery lies not only in speed but in green solutions. A green future requires not only enthusiasm and attitude but also innovative research and solutions to achieve the unity of environmental and commercial sustainability.” Mr Niu added, “With the joint efforts of both teams, it is believed that we can combine complex logistics scenarios, achieve breakthroughs in digitisation and low-carbon circulating containers, and contribute to the construction of a sustainable and digitized logistics system for Hong Kong on a larger scale”. The relevant pioneering research led by Dr Xu Gangyan of AAE, will focus on developing an intelligent and recyclable transport carrier “Meta-Box”. This technology will enhance transportation efficiency, reduce costs and promote sustainable development by connecting various modes of transportation within a new smart logistics system known as the Cyber-Physical Internet. About The Hong Kong Polytechnic University The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) aspires to be an innovative world-class university with a strong sense of social responsibility, driven by its motto, “To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind”. The University provides the best holistic education to nurture socially responsible “leaders of tomorrow” who possess a strong sense of national identity and a global perspective. It also pursues impactful innovation and interdisciplinary research to address the world’s most pressing challenges. A robust culture of knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship is a cornerstone of the University, ensuring PolyU technologies are transformed into practical real-world applications. The University’s unwavering commitment to excellence has earned it international recognition, with PolyU consistently ranking among the top 100 universities worldwide. Based on this solid foundation, the University will continue to make positive contributions in collaboration with its strategic partners for the betterment of Hong Kong, the Nation and the world. Cainiao Group Cainiao, founded in 2013, is a leading global smart logistics company that focuses on industrialisation, globalisation and digitisation of logistics operations. While continuously innovating in the business field, Cainiao also integrates Environmental, Social and Governance measures into every aspect of the logistics value chain. Through initiatives such as green orders, recycling and transportation, Cainiao has pioneered a path towards digital decarbonisation in green logistics. Hong Kong, serving as an important logistics hub for Cainiao Group, is one of the three major aviation hubs (ehub) established globally. Cainiao’s consolidated delivery services have served over 2.6 million Hong Kong citizens in the past few years, with an average of one in every three Hong Kong residents having used Cainiao’s services. In the future, Cainiao will continue its solid operations in Hong Kong, promoting end-to-end green logistics and providing the people of Hong Kong with high-quality and low-carbon logistics services.   Reposted from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University [Original post]

25 Sep, 2023


The HKIE Scholarship 2022/23

Mr Ang Jershon Ainsleigh Entote has been awarded the HKIE Scholarship 2022/23 in recognition of his exceptional achievements. We are delighted to present a video showcasing his active involvement in various HKIE activities over the past year. The video serves as a testament to Mr Ang's dedication, leadership, and passion in engineering, with highlights of his significant contributions and positive impact in the field.   Read more about Jershon's achievement and the award presentation ceremony:

14 Sep, 2023

Student Achievement

CTS 2023_Group Photo

Dr Liu Wei's Team Receives Best Paper Award at CTS 2023 for Pioneering Electric Vehicle Research

Dr Liu Wei, Associate Head and Associate Professor at AAE, and his team have been honoured with the Best Paper Award at The 14th International Workshop on Computational Transportation Science, CTS 2023. Their paper, titled "Modelling the vehicle parking, charging and vehicle-to-grid services in the era of electric vehicles," stood out among a competitive field of approximately 400 conference participants.   The research, partly supported by the Guangdong Basic and Applied Basic Research Fund (廣東省基礎與應用基礎研究項目-面上項目), addresses the pressing challenge of inadequate infrastructure development and service support systems for electric vehicles. Under the project "Modelling and managing parking, vehicle charging and vehicle-to-grid services in the era of electric vehicles (電動車出行、停車、充電以及反向輸電的綜合規劃與管理)", the team aims to comprehensively examine travel, parking, charging, and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) services for electric vehicle users.   The emerging V2G technologies allow for bi-directional electricity transmission between vehicles and the power grid, enabling electric vehicles to serve as temporary electricity storage units. By exploring these cutting-edge advancements, Dr Liu's team seeks to provide decision support for the integrated operation and management of urban transportation and power systems. The recognition of their outstanding performance with the Best Paper Award underscores the significance and impact of their research. This achievement not only reflects the dedication and expertise of Dr Liu Wei and his team but also highlights the commitment of our institution to driving innovation in the field of electric vehicles and sustainable transportation.   We extend our warmest congratulations to Dr Liu Wei and his team for this remarkable accomplishment.

13 Sep, 2023

Faculty of Engineering


PolyU LEO Navigation Team Soars to Second Runner-Up in Space Universities CubeSat Challenge

The PolyU LEO navigation team, comprising AAE’s outstanding PhD students Ms Yuxin HE, Mr Qi Zhang, Ms Jingxiaotao FANG, and Ms Xin QI, has proven their brilliance by clinching the esteemed second runner-up award at the second edition of the Space Universities CubeSat Challenge Domestic Finals, which took place on 23 August 2023 in Beijing, China. The prestigious competition was organized by the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) and its Space University Administrative Committee (SUAC) in collaboration with the Chinese Society of Astronautics (CSA), The captivating theme of 2023’s competition is "CubeSat, a platform for new technology verification and international cooperation". The distinguished pool of 36 competing teams covers over 25 renowned institutions, including Tsinghua University, Beihang University, Tongji University, The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Amongst these esteemed teams, the PolyU LEO navigation team secured the second runner-up position in the Research Paper Track. Their research paper, entitled “Design of OFDM Navigation Signal for Accurate Ranging Estimation in a Power-Limited CubeSat Transmitter” focuses on the innovative signal design for LEO navigation, with a specific emphasis on accurately estimating ranging in a power-limited CubeSat transmitter. Dr Bing XU, the team’s supervisor, was duly recognized with the “Excellent Instructor Award” for his exceptional guidance. Moreover, the team was also honoured with the Outstanding Organisation Award for their superb performance in planning and managing the project. The outstanding performance of the PolyU LEO navigation team demonstrated their exceptional skills, unyielding dedication, and profound expertise in the realm of LEO navigation. Their triumph in this prestigious competition further reinforces AAE's pivotal role in the Satellite Communication and Navigation research area. The Department congratulates the PolyU LEO navigation team on their extraordinary achievement. Please join us in congratulating the team!

30 Aug, 2023

Student Achievement


PolyU receives staunch support from HKATG to advance satellite technologies for navigation and communication

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and the Hong Kong Aerospace Technology Group (HKATG) signed a Memorandum of Understanding last month to explore opportunities for collaboration in satellite navigation and communication, satellite remote sensing, payload development and strengthening exchanges among industry, academia and research sectors. Under this collaborative framework, and to promote the development of advanced concepts and technologies such as smart cities and urban air mobility, HKATG will provide PolyU with conventional optical remote sensing and synthetic aperture radar observation data in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. It will also provide low-Earth orbit satellite payload space, payload testing, and low-Earth orbit satellite measurement and control services for research and education purposes. In addition, HKATG has generously donated to PolyU the naming rights of a multispectral optical remote sensing satellite, which is expected to launch in 2024. The total estimated value of this in-kind donation is HK$20 million (including data and equipment). To express its sincere gratitude for HKATG’s generous support, PolyU held an appreciation ceremony yesterday (23 August), attended by Prof. Wing-tak WONG, Deputy President and Provost; Dr Miranda LOU, Executive Vice President; Prof. Christopher CHAO, Vice President (Research and Innovation); Prof. DONG Cheng, Associate Vice President (Mainland Research Advancement); Dr Daniel YIP, Non-executive Director, HKATG; Dr Michael HU, Vice President and Technology Strategy Director, HKATG; and interdisciplinary experts from PolyU’s Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics and Department of Aeronautical and Aviation Engineering. These experts specialise in areas relating to satellite applications, control, analysis of remote sensing data, big data and artificial intelligence analysis. Dr Miranda Lou, Executive Vice President said, “As the only university in Hong Kong that has taken part in the Nation’s space missions, PolyU has extensive experience in technological research and development in aerospace technology and satellite navigation. Today’s Ceremony demonstrates the robust partnership between PolyU and HKATG, driven by our shared commitment to making a positive impact on society. HKATG’s generosity will undoubtedly empower our faculty members to further strive for excellence in education and research, nurture future aerospace-related professionals, address societal needs through research innovation, and contribute to the Nation.” Dr Daniel Yip said, “HKATG is pleased to partner with PolyU. Our collaboration will help nurture future talent for the development of new industries and the advancement of aerospace technology in Hong Kong. The Group looks forward to long-standing cooperation with PolyU. Leveraging the University’s extensive pool of research experts and training resources, we will continue to strengthen the talent supply chain and improve product design and quality. This will help power the transformation and upgrading of Hong Kong’s future industries.” To promote the development of smart cities, PolyU has been committed to remote sensing-related research for many years. High-resolution optical satellites can assist remote sensing research projects related to multispectral features including carbon neutrality research, tree health monitoring, land cover classification, marine water quality monitoring and research on urban surface characteristics. The multispectral optical satellite, expected to be launched next year, will be able to provide more frequent and higher resolution satellite data, promoting research and environment-related applications. PolyU researchers will explore using the Golden Bauhinia Constellation low-orbit satellites to enhance navigation services and carry developed navigation payloads in future low-orbit satellites.

29 Aug, 2023


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The Department of Aeronautical and Aviation Engineering and School of Aerospace Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for collaboration.

On August 7, 2023, a delegation of six members, led by Prof. Chih-yung WEN, Head and Chair Professor of Aeronautical and Aviation Engineering at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University visited to Beijing Institute of Technology and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for research collaboration with the School of Aerospace Engineering.

14 Aug, 2023



AAE PhD Student won Student Paper Competition Award at The 34th International Symposium on Shock Wave

Mr Fan Jianhui, a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Chih-yung WEN and Dr Jiaao HAO, won the Student Paper Competition Award (out of 12 winners in total) at the 34th International Symposium on Shock Wave (ISSW34) held in Daegu, South Korea, from 16-21 July, 2023. The competition provided an exciting opportunity for student authors to showcase their research. Jianhui’s winning paper, entitled "Coexistence of different mechanisms underlying the dynamics of supersonic turbulent flow over a compression ramp," sheds light on the unsteady dynamics of shock-wave/turbulent boundary-layer interaction using dynamic mode decomposition, linear and nonlinear disambiguation optimization, and global stability analysis. The study explores different mechanisms for the dynamics of shock wave/supersonic turbulent boundary layer interactions, including Görtler instability, global instability, and convective instability. By examining the connections between the unsteady motions and the revealed modes, the study confirms the coexistence of these mechanisms in the present flow. This achievement is a testament to the research capability of Jianhui and the excellent guidance provided by Prof. Wen and Dr Hao. Congratulations!

28 Jul, 2023

Student Achievement


Innovation and Technology Scholarship 2022 Empowers Aviation Engineering Student's Global Learning Journey

We are thrilled to announce that one of our AAE students, Mr LI Kwok Chun, Kuni, has completed his overseas learning experiences, which were supported by the prestigious Innovation and Technology Scholarship 2022. This scholarship, jointly supported and sponsored by the Innovation and Technology Commission and HSBC, and organized by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG), recognizes students who have outstanding academic achievements and a passion for innovation and technology and provides opportunities to widen students’ international and Mainland exposure and gain industry experience.   This scholarship supported Kuni in two overseas attachment experiences, which provided him with international exposure and additional learning opportunities. Kuni's story is a great example of how our students can benefit from participating in international exchange programs. We are proud to support our students in their pursuit of academic and personal growth, and we believe that these experiences will help them develop the skills and knowledge needed to become leaders in the aviation engineering fields.

21 Jul, 2023

Student Sharing

Group Photo 2

AAE PhD students shine at the 2023 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS’23)

Led by Prof. Chih-yung WEN, Chair Professor of Aeronautical Engineering, and Head of the Department of Aeronautical and Aviation Engineering, the research team comprising Ph.D. students Li-yu LO, Bailun JIANG, Wenyu YANG, and Kwai-wa TSE, won the first runner-up award at the 2023 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS’23) held on June 9, 2023, in Warsaw, Poland. This first runner-up award is competed at the simulation stage out of 39 competing teams from 20 countries/cities, including Canada, Greece, Czechia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, France, Germany, Hong Kong China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, and the United State, etc. Only the first five teams were invited proceeding to the final competition, viz. Spain, Canada, South Korea, India, and Hong Kong China. Sponsored by the world-leading IEEE Robotics and Automation Society and IEEE Control System Society, the UAV competition of ICUAS’23 is an international research student competition, collaboratively hosted by Lazarski University, Warsaw, Poland, the University of Zagreb Croatia, the Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies (CATEC) and the International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems Association, Inc. (ICUAS). This UAV competition offers opportunities for research students to test and compare their skills with those of their peers worldwide. The challenges of ICUAS’23 UAV competition in the aerial domain address the problem of precisely estimating the drone position and orientation using only an onboard camera, and the problem of finding AI methods to detect where a defect is in an aerial image stream. In addition, the task benchmark includes the component of online inspection in the competition arena with various objects and obstacles of unknown layouts. The UAV will need to navigate several waypoints inside the GPS-denial arena and report detections of the cracks in the arena. Participants were required to write codes and deploy their solutions in person during the competition day, as the drone hardware, flight settings, and arena were unknown beforehand. ICUAS is a global event that offers opportunities to collaborate, interact and shape the future of unmanned aviation systems. For more information, please visit

9 Jun, 2023

Student Achievement Faculty of Engineering

Photo_James Yiu 2

AAE alumnus and Ph.D. student won The HKIE LTD Best Students Papers Awards 2022

Mr YIU Cho Yin, AAE alumnus and Ph.D. student, won The HKIE LTD Best Students Papers Awards 2022. The award-winning capstone project is titled "Towards Safe and Collaborative Aerodrome Operations: Assessing Shared Situational Awareness for Adverse Weather Detection with EEG-Enabled Bayesian Neural Networks", which was supervised by Dr NG Kam Hung.   The award is presented by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers – Logistics and Transportation Division (HKIE LTD). It is introduced to recognise engineering students of accredited Logistics or Transportation Engineering Degree Programs in Hong Kong. It aims to promote innovative ideas and research in the design and implementation of sustainable logistics and transportation systems in Hong Kong, as well as encourage students to pursue their careers in the engineering profession. The theme for this year is “Smart Transport”.   Inspired by the Tenerife airport disaster, the project aims to develop a human-centered classification model to identify hazardous meteorological conditions using Bayesian neural networks. Electroencephalography (EEG) data were integrated with the concept of explainable artificial intelligence to explore latent mental patterns and vital physiological indicators. The model can facilitate the decision to provide automation and decision-making aids to pilots under adverse weather conditions.   Congratulations to Mr Yiu!

29 May, 2023

Student Achievement

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