PUSA information

Polytechnic University Staff Association
c/o The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong
E-mail 電郵: pusa@polyu.edu.hk


Dear Colleague,

On behalf of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Staff Association (PUSA), I would like to extend this personal invitation to you to join us as a member.

Details about PUSA and the benefits associated with PUSA membership can be found on this website.

If you decide to join the Association, please complete and return an application form to us as soon as possible. And please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

Yours sincerely,

CHAN Ming Yin (Chairman)






 陳銘賢 敬上

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Staff Association

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Staff Association (PUSA) is a registered trade union for full-time staff of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Full-time staff of subsidiaries of PolyU may also join PUSA as associate members.

We at PUSA work towards raising the quality of professional life in the University.  We seek to represent staff's interests on all matters, with special emphasis on those concerning conditions of service.  In our regular liaison meetings with Senior Management and the Human Resources Office, we convey members’ views and concerns about their working conditions. 

PUSA Officers are elected every two years from among PUSA members at the Annual General Meeting.  In addition, Departmental Representatives are elected every two years from among members within departments/units.  These Elected Officers and Departmental Representatives together form the PUSA Executive Council, which is responsible for running the Association between General Meetings.

Apart from discussing and negotiating with Management on issues related to staff benefits and terms of service, PUSA organizes from time to time activities such as outings, promotional sales, and other initiatives that promote environmental or socio-political awareness to our members.  We also work with other units of the University, including CPA to organize the annual Walks for Millions in the past to raise money for the Community Chest.  In recent years, we have worked with the Community Recycling Coop (a subsidiary of Industrial Relations Institute) to collect unwanted usable items from staff to help lower-income families in the community.

PUSA membership is voluntary and open to all full-time staff of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (except the President, the Deputy President and the Vice-Presidents).  Monthly membership subscriptions are $10.00 for academic and equivalent administrative staff and $4.00 for others. 

BECOME A MEMBER TODAY!  Your membership is important to us.  PUSA is important to you.  And together we are important to the University.  Please complete an application form today and return it via internal mail to the PUSA Office at Room VA204, Shaw Amenities Building!  


「理工大學教職員協會」是根據「職工會登記條例」正式駐冊的工會,目前會員人數約佔「理工大學」全職員工總數的六成。 理工大學的全職員工可加入本會,而理大附屬機構的成員則可成為附屬會員。



本會除代表會員與校方討論各項福利和服務條件,亦有舉辦其他活動以加強會員對環保、社會和政治等課題的認知。 我們更每年一次與大學其他部門合作,參與公益金百萬行,為一些慈善機構籌款。過去兩年,本會亦與勞資關係協進會的社區二手店合作,回收會員的舊物。


我們誠意邀請閣下加入本會。 教職員協會的成功,有賴你的支持。 請馬上填妥入會申請表格,寄回本會在內部郵件「邵逸夫員生大樓」 VA204 室之辦公室,以便辦理入會手續!