Discussion forum (Forum Login 討論區)

Dear PUSA members,

The PUSA website now has a discussion forum – under Google Groups – for members to post their comments and opinions about PolyU and other matters. We wish to advise that members should not post statements which might be interpreted as being libelous, insulting or offensive, and that managers of the Discussion Forum have the right to delete postings if they are considered to be libelous, insulting or offensive.

Please see below for full instructions on the procedure to join the Discussion Forum.

PUSA Information Officer

How to

In order to read and post messages on the PUSA Discussion Forum it is necessary to sign in with a Gmail account. Therefore it is necessary to open a Gmail account and send your Gmail address to PUSA . We will then register you for the Discussion Forum.

  1. To open a Gmail account:
    1. If you already have a Gmail account, then go straight to (II). If you do not have a Gmail account, you may go to google and create one.
    2. Note that your Gmail address can be read by other members of the PUSA Discussion Forum. If you want to remain anonymous, select a Gmail account name that does not identify you. [For instance, if your name is Bill Wong from the Department of History, do not select a account name like “billwong.history@gmail.com”.]
  2. After opening a Gmail account
    1. Send an email to PolyU Staff Association at PUSA, using your Gmail account, with the subject heading “Join PUSA discussion forum”. Please include your real name and PolyU staff number in the email so that we can confirm that you are a PUSA member.
    2. You will receive an email – sent to your Gmail account – confirming that you are a member of the PUSA Discussion Forum.
  3. To use the Discussion Forum
    1. Go to PUSA website. Select – Discussion Forum –Sign in with your Gmail address and password.
    2. You will be asked to choose a Nickname. This name will appear on all your postings.
    3. You can now read all the posted messages.
    4. To post a new message, select: +new post and follow the instructions.