Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the benefit of joining CoP?

Have you developed some good practice in teaching and learning, and would like to share them with others? Have you considered that other PolyU members share similar problems or worries in teaching and learning that you have encountered? CoP is a platform that welcomes sharing and continuous improvement in teaching and learning. By joining CoP, you can connect with others who have similar interests as yours. CoP is a great place where you can share your ideas, experiences and approaches, as well as learning from others on and beyond campus. Pass on the legacy of excellent teaching and learning. Let us learn from each other in the teaching and learning topics that are of particular interest to each of us.

Q. Who can join? 

CoP is a cross-disciplinary hub for stakeholders from different disciplines. CoP creates an active and collaborative atmosphere that can enhance teaching and learning at PolyU. In general, faculty members, administrators, research assistants, undergraduate or postgraduate students are welcome. However, different CoPs may have a different recruitment strategy according to the themes. Please refer to the particular Join Us section and contact the facilitators respectively. You can join as many CoPs as you want. At PolyU CoP, we are not only passionate about teaching and learning, we are dedicated to inspiring a similar passion in others. the quality of English use for teaching and their teaching and learning-related scholarly writing.

Q. What kind of activities will be organized?

Individual CoP organizes its own activities. These activities include but are not limited to experience sharing seminars, meetings for peer-supported learning, consultancy with experts, investigative studies into problems of concerns, development and pilots of strategies to address problems, evaluation of achievement, and dissemination of outcomes through conference / publications.

Q. What would I expect to do in CoP? 

CoP members are expected to actively join the activities organized by your CoP and have interaction with other members. We are a community that emphasizes learning and sharing. Feel free to share your experience, good practices, problems, worries, etc. with other members. 

to encourage and support a culture of service on campus, inside and outside of the academic service-learning requirement and to nurture and develop our staff and students into constructively engaged citizens