Reference and Brief Description
Award-Winning Teachers at PolyU, Educational Development Centre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University [link]

PolyU is committed to the enhancement of good teaching, and actively supports its staff to continually improve their teaching. This lists shows by year of the recipients of the President's and Faculty's/School's Awards for Excellent Performance and Achievement in Teaching. Videos of award recipients as presented in Symposium are valuable resources for advancing teaching and learning.

UGC-related Materials
The Editorial Committee of Education Quality Work: The Hong Kong Experience. (2005). Education quality work: The Hong Kong experience – A handbook of good practices in assuring and improving teaching and learning quality. Hong Kong: Educational Development Centre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. [link]

This publication encapsulates the valuable teaching quality information of the eight UGC-funded institutions as revealed by the Teaching and Learning Quality Process Reviews (TLQPRs).

Books/ Articles

Focus Area
Reference and Brief Description
Educational Theories
Kreber, C. (2002). Teaching excellence, teaching expertise, and the scholarship of teaching. Innovative Higher Education, 27(1), 5-23.

This article aims at distinguishing the difference of teaching excellence, teaching expertise and the scholarship of teaching in higher education so that instructors could engage with teaching.

Sharing of Best Practices
Kember, D., & McNaught, C. (2007). Enhancing university teaching: Lessons from research into award-winning teachers. Hong Kong: Chinese University Press.

This book aims to provide an alternative approach to quality teaching in higher education by deriving a model of good university teaching from the academics which universities have chosen as their best teachers.

Leung, T. P. (Ed.). (2007). Innovations in professional education: Practices and reflections. Hong Kong: Pearson Education Asia.

This book showcases 16 innovative practices implemented at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University to enhance students’ development within and beyond the professional context. Authors offer a detailed description of four key areas, including innovative teaching and learning approaches and strategies and the promotion of students’ all-round development.

Arendale, D. R. (2010). Best Practices and Models in Learning Assistance. In D. R. Arendale (Ed.), Access at the crossroads: Learning assistance in higher education (ASHE Higher Education Report vol. 35 no. 6) (pp. 87-104). Chichester, UK: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

This book chapter identifies traditional and emerging educational theories guiding evidence-based practices.

Teaching & Learning
Ambrose, S. A. et. al. (2010). How learning works: Seven research-based principles for smart teaching. Chichester, UK: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

The authors have drawn on research from a range of perspectives, including cognitive, developmental, and social psychology; educational research; anthropology; demographics; organizational behavior, to identify a set of key principles underlying how student learn.

Goldstein, G. S., & Benassi, V. A. (2006). Students’ and instructors’ beliefs about excellent lecturers and discussion leaders. Research in Higher Education, 47(6), 685-707.

This journal article discusses the implications on students and teachers who hold different degree of beliefs about excellent teaching.

Cox, B., McIntosh, K., Reason, R., & Terenzini, P. (2011). A culture of teaching: Policy, perception, and practice in higher education. Research in Higher Education. 52(8), 808-829.

This paper examines connections between institutional policies and faculty members’ perceptions and practices related to teaching and learning.

Teaching Awards in Overseas Universities
Oxford University Student Union Teaching Awards [link]

Pilkington Prize, The University of Cambridge [link]

MIT Awards Convocation 2013 MIT Awards Convocation [link]


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