Work Plan > Objectives

Building on our original mandate to meet the UGC’s goal to ‘revitalise’ teaching and learning in higher education in Hong Kong, the over-riding goal of our CoP is to bring together a community of like-minded colleagues from all areas of our university (be it teachers, researchers administrators; and also to welcome where appropriate, students as well) who share a common interest in improving our practice as educators so that our students (and educators) are better prepared for a complicated world. By forming an “inclusive” variety of stakeholders, we aim to cultivate a culture of sharing best and next practices and continuous improvement to further enhance the professional development of our educators specifically. Through this, we aim to help enhance our university’s strategic direction in teaching & learning. The scope is meaningfully wide, as reflected in the following objectives:

    • To bring together a diverse range of stakeholders and build a community of like-minded colleagues to help promote and develop our practice as educators;
    • To nurture and cultivate a culture of sharing best and next practices for professional development of our educators;
    • To encourage the awareness of GOOD teaching to SCHOLARLY teaching (Scholarship of Teaching & Learning) as a medium of career and professional development;
    • To promote the value of evidence-based teaching and learning portfolios as a form of reflective practice;
    • To connect our community to other communities in/outside PolyU to broadening our perspectives on our practice;
    • To engage outside practitioners so that educators get a deeper sense of real world problems, issues and challenges;
    • To align our community efforts to the strategic direction of PolyU in the continued professional development of our educators;
    • To collect evidence of the degree of impact of our community’s engagement in members’ own practice as educators; and
    • To provide important links to key decision making entities within PolyU and share insights, suggestions and recommendations from our community in an effort to help shape the current and future strategic direction of teaching and learning within PolyU.