Work Plan > Expected Outcomes

Through achieving the objectives, our Community of Practice plan to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Members of our community will find value in becoming a member because it will help improve their practice as educators
  2. Members feel a sense of belonging and become advocates of enhancing teaching and learning beyond the CoP
  3. The membership composition of our CoP will not only be for excellent outstanding teachers but also open inclusively to other colleagues within the wider PolyU community who have a passion and interest for better teaching, learning and education; As such we plan to have teachers, researchers and administrators come together to grow and learn from each other
  4. Members practice the importance of evidence-based teaching and learning not only as a professional practice but as a powerful medium for reflection and improvement
  5. Members gain more confidence, excitement, commitment and gain more competence in moving from GOOD teaching to SCHOLARLY teaching (and find developmental value in engaging in the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning, SoTL)
  6. Our CoP as a community will be able to provide evidence-based information on what specific ways the community has helped our teachers become better educators
  7. Our community becomes an invaluable link for senior management in the further enhancement of our university’s strategic direction in teaching and learning.