Work Plan > Objectives
  1. To build up a community of PolyU staff who will together to promote and develop excellent teaching
  2. To develop a culture of sharing and continuous improvement in teaching and learning across PolyU
  3. To devise and see implemented a range of policies, practices and processes for better recognition and reward of excellent teaching at PolyU, vis-a-vis
    (a) Equity of Teaching: to have recruitment, retention, appraisal and promotions policies that explicitly value teaching excellence in a similar way to excellence in research
    (b) Stepping up to Excellence in Teaching: provision of time, facilities, support and resources to develop teaching excellence in good teachers
    (c) Effective Deployment of and Sharing of Excellence in Teaching: implementation of policies and schemes whereby colleagues who have been recognised as excellent teachers are deployed more explicitly and effectively in the development of teaching skills to steer innovative, effective teaching and learning approaches within their home departments and across the wider PolyU academic community
    (d) Recognition of Excellence in Teaching: creation of a visible and highly regarded ‘PolyU Community of Teaching Scholars’ in which excellent teachers and teaching innovators are recognised and appropriately rewarded for their achievements and involvement the activities in (b) and (c) above.