Work Plan > Activities

We will organise a large variety of activities for the enhancement and benefits of our CoP members. We aim:

  • To publicise and promote the CoP and its objectives to academic colleagues across PolyU and to involve them in its activities.
  • To lobby for policy change at PolyU to:
    1. Explicitly embed the need for high quality teaching in recruitment, retention and promotion policies and practices at PolyU
    2. Allow academic staff at AP/OP/P/CP to have a ‘concentration’ in teaching within their overall workload.
    3. Retain and promote staff on the basis of excellence in teaching.
    4. Utilise the expertise of recognized good teachers, including
    • Ex-officio appointment of President’s Award Winners to the Faculty Learning and Teaching Committees (FLTCs) and Departmental Learning and Teaching Committees (DLTCs) of respective units
    • Reduction of departmental teaching workload of the current year’s President’s Award winner to help other colleagues develop teaching excellence
    • Allow and encourage sabbaticals at overseas centers of excellence in teaching (similar to research).
    • Any other issues that arise from and are agreed by the CoP.

A large variety of activities include:

  1. Kick-off meeting/event
  2. Regular lunchtime workshop/seminars/sharing sessions on teaching excellence – what it is, how to develop it and how to recognize it - with a variety of stakeholders (teachers and students; members of senior management, educational instructors
  3. Thematic forums/discussion sessions on identified issues and challenges with a variety of stakeholders
  4. Mini-conference or other forms for disseminating the deliverables and outcomes of the CoP and to feature reports from core and contributing members who have been sponsored by the CoP to attend/present at international teaching-related conferences and visit overseas centres of excellence in teaching
  5. Create visible and virtual ‘Hall of Teaching Scholars’
  6. Create real and virtual materials and information sources