Expected Outcomes
  1. Establishing a community of PolyU academic staff from different faculties/schools that explores ways to enhance students’ English abilities and performance in discipline content subjects as part of their own professional development;
  2. Connecting and empowering teachers from different disciplines to foster a learning culture among staff through regular meetings, seminars and sharing of topics, thereby helping students to apply the language skills they have learnt in LCR and R&W requirements in content subjects;
  3. Increasing the confidence of academic staff to encourage students to perform well in the language aspect of content subject assessments
  4. Setting up a website with links, checklists and suggestions for PolyU academic staff Dissemination/sharing of CoP outcomes via EDC workshops

It is hoped that this CoP can indirectly help students to:

  • further develop biliteracy and trilingualism as listed in PolyU Strategic Objective 1
  • apply in discipline content subjects the language skills that they have learnt in LCR and R&W requirements
  • further improve their English language skills throughout the 4 years of university education