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Research and experience show that students do not necessarily apply what they learnt in English language courses in their own discipline content subjects. Although students have acquired academic language and organisation skills in ELC subjects mainly in Year 1, they may focus solely on the content when doing assessments in their content subjects in the next few years of their studies, and neglect the language-related aspects. The purpose of this CoP is to create opportunities for content subject lecturers and the facilitators of this CoP (including staff from ELC and ENGL) to discuss ways to consolidate the academic English skills that students have previously learnt and apply them in content subjects, and to help students continuously improve their English throughout the four years of their university education. This CoP will discuss ways to encourage a stronger focus on appropriate language use in content subjects and their assessments.


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Julia Chen (ELC)
Winnie Cheng (ENGL)
Grace Lim (ELC)
Sonia Au (CC)
Sunshine Chan (SN)
Mary Cheng (ELC)
Michael Kwong (ABCT)
Patrick Lai (EDC)
Voyce Li (ELC)
Kenneth Lo (HKCC)
Luke Lo (COMP)
Kathryn Lowry (CC)
Kevin Lung (AF)
Bob McKercher (SHTM)
Prakash Metaparti (LMS)
Anthony Pang (LMS)
Elvy Pang (MM)
King Fai Tam (CC)
Esther Tong (HKCC)
Wicky Tse (CC)
Brian Tsui (CC)
Eric Tsui (ISE)
MS Wong (BME)
Florence Wu (APSS)
Ms Ella Yu (HKCC)