1. To foster the culture of peer support by gathering a community of PolyU academic staff from different departments to enhance teaching and learning by exploring ways in which content subject lecturers can help enhance students’ English abilities and performance in their own content subjects, including performance in writing and speaking across the curriculum;
  2. To facilitate experience sharing and collaborative professional and teaching development of academic staff from different departments by providing opportunities for them to discuss ways to enhance students’ English performance in their own content subjects and not only in LCR and R&W requirements;
  3. To empower content subject teachers to develop innovative and effective practices to help students apply the language skills they have learnt in Language and Communication Requirements (LCR) and Reading and Writing (R&W) requirements in other subjects and to indirectly help students develop biliteracy and trilingualism as listed in PolyU Strategic Objective 1;
  4. To encourage writing and speaking in the disciplines so that students (i) apply in other subjects the language skills that they have learnt in LCR and R&W requirements, (ii) learn discipline-related English writing and speaking skills, and (iii) further improve their English language skills throughout the 4 years of university education.