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About Us

Yan Chai Hospital Lei Muk Shue Rainbow Court

A Real-life Hostel for ageing severely mentally handicapped or severely physically handicapped persons

About the Real-Life Hostel

Name of Real-life Hostel Yan Chai Hospital Lei Muk Shue Rainbow Court
Name of Operator Yan Chai Hospital
Description Provision of home living for persons with a severe mental/physical disability
Service Target Persons with a severe mental/ physical disability
Date (Provision of Service) since 2009
District Tsuen Wan, New Territories
Website https://www.yanchai.org.hk/en/services/social-services/rehabilitation-services/yan-chai-hospital-lei-muk-shue-rainbow-court

About the Project

Focus Smart solutions for advancing user-transfer and physical training services
Provision of Smart Devices


  • Muscle Suit [More]
    • Easy to wear, lightweight, and powerful muscle suit
    • No electricity, lightweight, and unlimited use time with the manual air pump
    • To maintain proper posture, protect the spinal and lower limbs of staff
    • An assist suit for user transfer in reducing the burden of staff
    • Thigh-support suit to lift/ move heavy objects
  • Robotic Care Bed/ Wheelchair [More]
    • A robotic bed that can be transformed into a wheelchair
    • Adjustable back & foot elevations help residents maintain body position
    • Adjustable bed height makes caregiving easier & reduces staff strain
    • To avoid transfer injuries of residents and staff
    • Single-operator & limited space required, suitable for residential application
  • The Shower with Ceiling Hoist [More][More]
    • To avoid frequent user transfers and reduce staff’s physical burden
    • To simplifies bed-to-bathroom transfers & improve the nursing efficiency
    • Shower in a chair prevents handicapped residents from standing too long/ slipping
    • Allow multi-functional setting, suitable for a multi-user environment

  • eNightLog Smart Bed-leaving Monitoring System[More]
    • PolyU invention, by the “Jockey Club Smart Ageing Hub” project team
    • An innovative remote solution to detect bed-leaving status without disturbing the residents
    • To monitor residents during patrol intervals to reduce the risk of falls
    • When necessary, alert staff to assist residents with limited self-care ability

Physical Training

  • Virtual Corridor [More]
    • PolyU customized solution, by the “Jockey Club Smart Ageing Hub” project team
    • ​A comprehensive physical training device that allows professionals to track the training progress of residents
    • Interactive games can be operated with wearable devices to fit users with different abilities
    • Customized interactive games for balance, coordination, & concentration training
    • Equipped with 5 assessing items that assist therapists in comprehending residents' physical functions
    • To expand the rehabilitation training area by fully utilizing the corridor
  • 3D Motion Training System [More]
    • Contains over 40 physical & cognitive training games that are applicable to handicapped residents
    • A tele-rehab interactive device (without sensors) for handicapped residents
    • Professionals may customize the game's difficulty according to the resident's ability
    • Allows professionals to customize training session programs for each resident according to their needs