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eNightLog Smart Bed-leaving Monitoring System

Product IDHO156


Product and Accessories

    1 Set of eNightLog

Situation:Elderly leaving the bed by themselves at night increases the risk of falls and loss?
Description:Non-restraint system to monitor the activities of the elderly in the bed

Design Features

PolyU Research and Innovation Invented by the "Jockey Club Smart Ageing Hub" project team Track the Dynamics within the Bed Zone An innovative remote solution to detect bed-leaving status without disturbing the residents To monitor residents during patrol intervals to reduce the risk of falls To avoid mentally handicapped users leaving beds unattended/ falling Allow Quick Response from Staff When necessary, alert staff to assist residents with limited self-care ability

Other Features

    Environmental Regulation It can be used with other devices to control room temperature, lighting and etc.

People Suit for

    People whose behavior is affected by dementia People who should not get out of bed without assistant




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