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"Jockey Club Smart Ageing Hub" Gerontech Activities

Notes on Application

  1. No admission fee is required.
  2. All activities are available in three languages (Cantonese/ English/ Mandarin).
  3. Registered schools (kindergarten / primary school / secondary school / tertiary institution), or registered charitable/ non-profit-making organisation with a group of 15 or more or registered schools, charitable or non-profit-making organisation serving people with disabilities/ special needs, with a group of 10 or more can apply the group booking gerontech activities.
  4. By appointment only;  activities will be arranged on a first-come-first served basis.
  5. Group booking gerontech activities MUST be accompanied by at least 1 staff from schools/ non-profit making charitable organizations.

A. Guided Tour

Duration: 1 hour
Venue: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (GH041), "Jockey Club Smart Ageing Hub" Day Experience Centre

Visit the four main zones of the Day Experience Centre:

A1. Thematic Zone - understand common diseases for older persons

A2. Interactive Experience Zone - enjoy the latest gerontech games

A3. Smart Home Show flat - tips for building a smart home

A4. Resource Library - explore the categorized gerontech products



B. Workshop

Duration: 1 hour
Venue: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University campus

The following thematic journeys are available:

B1. Gerontech beginner's journey (for children aged 12 and below) - introductory of gerontech

B2. Gerontech youth's journey (for secondary & university students) - understand more about gerontech

B3. Gerontech golden journey (for older persons & caregivers) - explore the full collection of gerontech items

B4. Gerontech expert's journey (for staff of the elderly care sector) - exchange the latest gerontech information with professionals


C. Outreach Activities

Duration: 1 hour
Venue: In schools or elderly care centres

The following outreach activities are available:

C1. Gerontech community group - attract public interest in gerontechnology

C2. Volunteer training day - equip the volunteers with gerontech knowledge

C3. Thematic exhibition - free loan gerontech items to raise public awareness about the gerontechnology

C4. Online activities - online guided tour, webinar, product sharing session

  *The outreach activities' arrangement will be adjusted on a timely basis in view of the latest development of the pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019.



  • A group with 15 - 30 participants: a 1-hour session can be arranged (host of the group may choose activity A. Guided Tour or B. Workshop for the participants)
  • A group with 30 - 60 participants: participants will be divided into two groups for a 2-hour session which A. Guided Tour and B. Workshop will both be provided
  • A group with 60 participants or above: please contact the project team


Procedure to Register an Activity

  1. Complete the online booking form, our team will contact you soon for the details of the appointment.
  2. For enquiries, please contact us via phone at 3400 3604, WhatsApp us at 9451 4707 or send an email to smart.ageing@polyu.edu.hk