Student Exchange


We have a diverse range of programmes on offer for the Student Exchange Programme. You can see a list of academic programmes and subjects offered at PolyU for exchange students here. Please click the programme name directly to see further details such as the subject syllabi, credits required and other information of the programme.

You may find that the final subject list may not be available at the time you submit your application, hence you will only be asked to provide a preliminary choice of subjects of your interest on the enrolment form. It is important that you are flexible with your subject selection as you may be required to change if those you have selected are not available. You will still be able to modify your selection after you have received confirmation on the availability and timetables of your chosen subjects.

Your 'host' department during your exchange will be the academic department that offers the academic programme you are admitted to. 50% (or more) of your enrolled subjects must come from the host department. Being attached to a host department will give you priority in registering for subjects within that department. The other 50% (or less) workload can be subjects offered by other departments as well as elective and language courses. All registrations are subject to the approval of the respective departments.

You are required to complete a minimum of 9 credits and a maximum of 18 credits per semester. As most subjects carry 3 credits each (approximately 42 teaching hours), you are recommended to take 4 - 6 subjects per semester.

Elective and Language Courses

In addition to subjects offered by the host departments, another option is to choose other credit-bearing subjects to make up your semester load such as:

  • Elective subjects offered by other academic departments
  • China specific and general 'broadening' subjects offered by the General Education Centre and Department of Chinese Culture
  • Putonghua for Non-Chinese Speaking Student courses offered by the Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies
  • English classes offered by the English Language Centre. Another option is to contact your host department and see whether English classes can be arranged with reference to your major.

List of Academic Programmes

Faculty of Applied Science & Textiles (FAST) Subject List (Semester 1) Subject List (Semester 2)
Department of Applied Biology & Chemical Technology (ABCT)
- BSc(Hons) in Chemical Technology [12447]
- BSc(Hons) in Applied Biology with Biotechnology [12451]
- BSc(Hons) in Food Safety and Technology [12454]

Department of Applied Mathematics (AMA)
- BSc(Hons) in Investment Science [63423]

Department of Applied Physics (AP)
- BSc(Hons) in Engineering Physics [11439]

Institute of Textiles & Clothing (ITC)
- BA(Hons) Scheme in Fashion and Textiles [14490]  

Faculty of Business (FB) Subject List (Semester 1) Subject List (Semester 2)
School of Accounting & Finance (AF)
- BBA(Hons) in Accountancy [02402-BAC]
- BBA(Hons) in Accounting and Finance [02402-BAF]
- BBA(Hons) in Financial Services [02402-BFS]

Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies (LMS)
- BBA(Hons) in International Shipping and Transport Logistics [02402-IST]
- BBA(Hons) in Global Supply Chain Management [02402-GSC]

Department of Management & Marketing (MM)
- BBA(Hons) in Management [02402-MGT]
- BBA(Hons) in Marketing [02402-MKT]

Postgraduate programmes offered by Faculty of Business

Faculty of Business Research Postgraduate Studies Section

- Master of Business Administration (MBA) [02008-XBA]
- MSc in China Business Studies [02006-XCB]
- MSc in Business Management [02012-XBM]

School of Accounting & Finance (AF)

- Master of / Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Accounting [21046-XPA]
- Master of Corporate Governance [20147-XCG]
- Master of Finance (Investment Management) [21050-XIM]
- MSc in Accountancy [21049-XAC]

Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies (LMS)

- MSc in Management (Operations Management) [44085-XOM]
- MSc in Quality Management [44086-XQM]
- MSc/PgD in International Shipping and Transport Logistics [44087-XIF]
- MSc/PgD in Global Supply Chain Management [44089-XGS]

Department of Management and Marketing (MM)

- MSc in Marketing Management [23089-XKF]
- MSc in Management (Human Resource Management) [23087-XHF]
- MSc in Management (Public Sector Management) [23088-XPF]

Faculty of Construction & Environment (FCE) Subject List (Semester 1) Subject List (Semester 2)
Department of Building & Real Estate (BRE)
- BSc(Hons) in Building Engineering & Management [32405-BEM]
- BSc(Hons) in Property Management [32405-PMT]
- BSc(Hons) in Surveying [32405-SUV]

Department of Building Services Engineering (BSE)
- BEng(Hons) in Building Services Engineering [33477]

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE)
- BEng(Hons) in Civil Engineering [31469]
- BSc (Hons) in Environment and Sustainable Development [31473]
- BSc(Hons) in Environmental and Occupational Safety & Health [31470]

Department of Land Surveying & Geo-Informatics (LSGI)
- BSc(Hons) in Geomatics [34414]

Faculty of Engineering (FENG) Subject List (Semester 1) Subject List (Semester 2)
Department of Computing (COMP)
- BSc(Hons) Scheme in Computing [61431]

Department of Electrical Engineering (EE)
- BEng (Hons) in Transportation Systems Engineering [41481]
- BEng(Hons) in Electrical Engineering [41470]

Department of Electronic & Information Engineering (EIE)
- BEng(Hons) in Electronic and Information Engineering [42470]
- BSc(Hons) in Internet and Multimedia Technologies [42477]
- BSc(Hons) in Information Security [42480]

Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE)
- BEng(Hons) in Industrial and Systems Engineering [45485]
- BSc(Hons) in Enterprise Engineering with Management [45492]
- BEng (Hons) in Product Engineering with Marketing [05403 PEM]
- BSc (Hons) in Logistics Engineering and Management [45494]

Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME)
- BEng(Hons) in Mechanical Engineering [43478]
- BEng(Hons) in Product Analysis with Design [05403-PDE]

Interdisciplinary Division of Biomedical Engineering (BME)
- BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Engineering [47401]
Integrated Engineering Programme for Inbound Exchange Students
- Application form
Faculty of Health & Social Sciences (FHSS) Subject List (Semester 1) Subject List (Semester 2)
Department of Applied Social Sciences (APSS)
- BA(Hons) in Social Policy and Administration [54439-SPA]
- BA(Hons) in Social Work [54439-SW]

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences (RS)
- BSc(Hons) in Physiotherapy [51056/51456]
- BSc(Hons) in Occupational Therapy [51057/51457]

Department of Health Technology and Informatics (HTI)
- BSc(Hons) in Medical Laboratory Science [55408]

School of Nursing (SN)
- BSc(Hons) in Nursing [53055]

School of Optometry (SO)
- BSc(Hons) in Optometry [52044]
- BSc(Hons) in Optometry [52444]

Faculty of Humanities (FH) Subject List (Semester 1) Subject List (Semester 2)
Department of Chinese & Bilingual Studies (CBS)
- BA(Hons) in Chinese and Bilingual Studies [72418]

Department of English (ENGL)
- BA(Hons) in English Studies for the Professions [71418]

Department of Chinese Culture (CC)

School of Design (SD) Subject List (Semester 1) Subject List (Semester 2)
School of Design (SD)
- BA(Hons) in Design [73416]
The 4 disciplines of the programme are Advertising Design (AD), Communication Design (CD), Environment & Interior Design (EID), Product Design (PRD).
Students applying for this programme are required to submit portfolio. Application without the portfolio will not be processed.
Note: Not all disciplines are open to application every semester. Please contact the International Affairs Office for information.

School of Hotel & Tourism Management (SHTM) Subject List (Semester 1) Subject List (Semester 2)
School of Hotel & Tourism Management (SHTM)
- BSc(Hons) in Hotel Management [24442] (Stream code: HMH)
- BSc(Hons) in Tourism Management [24442] (Stream code: HMT)

General Education Centre (GEC) Subject List (Semester 1) Subject List (Semester 2)
General Education Centre (GEC)
- General Education Subject