Life is about embracing new challenges, developing our self-awareness, making new friends and acquiring new knowledge - so why not embark on an adventure where you can accomplish all this? Going abroad, whether it is for your entire programme or for an exchange with a shorter duration can help you realise all this and so much more. Here at PolyU, we can help you set sail for this life-changing opportunity in a number of ways!

When you are studying abroad, you are not only staying overseas for a few years to earn a degree. It is an important decision to make and the experience should be rewarding both academically and personally. Most importantly, your degree and experience should contribute and pave the way to your future career - and PolyU can be the pathway to your aspirations.

If you are currently residing and studying overseas but want to pursue your entire programme at PolyU, you can apply for Full Time Studies as an international student.

If you are currently studying overseas but want to study at PolyU for a shorter period, Student Exchange or Study Abroad programme may be a more appropriate choice for you.

You can apply for the Student Exchange Programme if your home institution has a formal collaboration agreement with PolyU. This means that you do not need to pay additional tuition fee to PolyU and your exchange can last from one semester to one academic year.

If your university does not have a formal university agreement, you can still study at PolyU via the fee-paying Study Abroad Programme. Similar to the student exchange programme, you can spend one semester to one academic year at PolyU.

If you are a student from Universities in China, please visit the website of the Chinese Mainland Affairs Office (CMAO) for further details.

Studying abroad or participating in an exchange is an excellent and fun way to make new friends, explore a totally different culture, visit new places and learn a new language. It is an enriching and empowering experience which complements your formal education and may open career doors you haven't considered before.

We have a long tradition of welcoming international students from overseas, and we have over 1,000 international students from over 40 countries at any one time. Start planning for your study at PolyU and we look forward to you joining our international community!