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It is my great honour to have been appointed as the President of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I joined this great institution in 1994 and have served it in different capacities. I have witnessed the great changes and progress of this fast-developing University. Joining PolyU was indeed the best decision I have made in my academic career.

Taking its helm now, I pledge to make every effort to fulfill PolyU’s mission and turn our vision into reality. We shall strengthen inter-disciplinary collaboration in both education and research, especially in areas brought about by emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics. We shall enhance the impact of our research by better focusing our research on societal challenges and developing closer partnerships with industries and the community so that we can make more meaningful contributions to the sustainable development of Hong Kong, the nation and the world. We shall elevate the level of our global engagement and leverage our extensive international network to not only advance academic exchanges, but also increase students’ understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity. Closer to home, we shall embrace the opportunities brought about by the Greater Bay Area development and make PolyU a key player in this area. To achieve these goals, we shall step up our effort in the recruitment of top talents from around the globe.

As I embark on my new journey as President of this aspiring University, I hope that you, alumni and supporters of PolyU, will be forthcoming in sharing your insights and wisdom with me. I am confident that by working together, we can build a thriving future for PolyU and bring benefits to mankind.

Jin-Guang Teng

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