The Endowed Professorship Scheme

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) established the Endowed Professorship Scheme in 2012 to honour distinguished scholars for their outstanding academic and research achievements. To encourage more scholars to unleash their potential, the University in 2016 introduced the category of Endowed Fellowship, in addition to Endowed Professorship.

The Scheme provides philanthropists with the unique opportunity to partner with the University to advance research and academic activities of a discipline of their choice for the benefit of the wider community. Apart from the serving faculty members of the University, internationally acclaimed scholars in the region and across the globe are also welcome to join the University and be nominated for these prestigious titles under the Scheme.

To date, PolyU has established a total of 21 Endowed Professorships, one Endowed Fellowship and two Named Professorships.

An Invitation to Participate

You are invited to partner with PolyU to create an Endowed Professorship for an academic area of your choice.

Your Name

Your name, or other honouree(s) as designated by you, will be attached to a key academic post. The faculty member in the role of professorship and fellowship will carry the title for five years and three years respectively. The appointment is renewable or until the appointee leaves the University or retires. The appointee will be listed and referred to in official documentation as, for example:

“Professor Leon Chan
[Donor’s Name] Professor in Construction Management” or

 “Professor Leon Chan,
 [Donor’s Name] Fellow in Construction Management”

Appointment of Scholar

You may designate a professorship or fellowship for an academic area of your choice. The University, through its Academic Selection Committee and the Advisory Committee (please click here for membership), is responsible for appointments and reviews of professorships and fellowships.

Recognition for Donor

You will be invited to a ceremony in honour of the donors and the appointees and be presented a special gift – Commemorative Chairs to commemorate your staunch support for the Scheme. The appointee will submit reports to you at regular intervals, so that you can follow the exciting advances in research and academic development which you have enabled.

Management of Donation

Your donation will go into a perpetual fund. The donation will not be used directly, but the interest generated by the fund, plus contributions from the University, will be used for supporting research or advancing a particular area of discovery.



Last update: Fabruary 2018

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