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PolyU celebrates the Second Inauguration of Endowed Professorships


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) today (13 May) held the Second Inauguration of Endowed Professorships at the Jockey Club Auditorium on PolyU campus to pay tribute to distinguished scholars for their outstanding academic achievements and significant contributions to the community, as well as to demonstrate the support and recognition from the community to PolyU for its research excellence.

Presided over by the Deputy Chairman of Council of the University, Mr Chan Tze-ching, the ceremony saw the presentation of a total of six Endowed Professorships, bringing the total number of Endowed Professorships established by PolyU to 14, alongside two named professorships by the then Hong Kong Polytechnic.

Addressing the Ceremony, Professor Timothy W. Tong, PolyU President, said "Through the Endowed Professorships scheme, we have established the valuable partnership between our scholars and supporters, as we share the same goal of advancing the frontiers of knowledge and technology for the benefit of mankind. Building on our heritage, we are determined to challenge boundaries, uncover knowledge and strive for innovation, as manifested in our new brand promise 'Opening Minds. Shaping the Future'."

The six Endowed Professorships are (in alphabetical order of discipline):

(1) Fung Yiu King – Wing Hang Bank Endowed Professorship in Business Administration
Endowed by the Fung Yiu King Charitable Foundation
Professor T.C. Edwin Cheng, Faculty of Business

(2) Cheng Yik Hung Endowed Professorship in Fashion Design

Endowed by the Sau Ching Charity Foundation
To be announced

(3) Walter Kwok Foundation Endowed Professorship in International Hospitality Management

Endowed by the Walter Kwok Foundation
Professor Kaye Chon, School of Hotel and Tourism Management

(4) Lo Ka Chung Charitable Foundation Endowed Professorship in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Endowed by Lo Ka Chung Charitable Foundation Limited
Professor Thomas Y.C. Leung, Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology

(5) Alex Wong Siu Wah Gigi Wong Fook Chi Endowed Professorship in Product Design Engineering

Endowed by King's Flair Development Limited
Professor Alan K.T. Lau, Department of Mechanical Engineering

(6) Vincent and Lily Woo Endowed Professorship in Textiles Technology

Endowed by the Vincent and Lily Woo Trust
Professor Tao Xiaoming, Institute of Textiles and Clothing

The Endowed Professorship Scheme, established in 2012, provides philanthropists with the unique opportunity to partner with the University to advance research and academic activities of a discipline of their choice for the betterment of the society. PolyU will continue to nominate internationally acclaimed scholars for the prestigious title in future in order to advance research and academic activities for the benefits of the wider community.


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