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Having regard to the research needs of PolyU users, UMF makes provision for sophisticated equipment and general purpose equipment that can support many projects.

Equipment includes:

  • Microscopy (TEM, SEMs, SPM, Optical microscopy)
  • Structural Analysis (XRDs)
  • Chemical Analysis (EDX, XPS)
  • Physical Property Determination (Thermal analysis TGA/ DSC/ DMA/ TMA)
  • Materials Processing (Thin films and coatings, Polymer blending)
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Sample preparation
  • Thin film deposition (Thermal evaporator, Sputterer, E-beam, ALD)
  • Solution-based deposition (Spin coater, Ink-jet printing system)
  • Photolithography (Contact aligner, Nano-imprinter)
  • Dry etching (ICP)
  • Device packaging (Wire bonding, Dicing)
  • Others (Probe station, Surface profiler)