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Q1. How to allocate budget to my student?
A1. Please refer to “Instruction for Budget Allocation and Assign Student” on “Download” page.

Q2. How to request supervisor to charge up my account?
A2. Click “Budget Allocation” → “Request Charge Up” → Fill in the amount → Submit

Q3. Why it shows missing supervisor when I request charge up?
A3. The supervisor email you filled in is not same as your supervisor’s, so please find UMF staff to modify the email.

Q4. When can I access the lab. after creating a booking?
A4. You can access the lab. 30mins in advance of your booking time.

Q5. How to count the usage hour?
A5. The start time is the booking time, while the end time is card present time. The time difference is the usage hour.
          Example: Booking time: 9:00 – 13:00
          Card present time: 10:00 – 12:30
          Charge usage hour: 3.5 hrs (9:00 – 12:30)

Q6. What happen if my usage is overtime?
A6. You can continue to use the equipment, but a penalty with 1.5× rate of the equipment will be charged.

Q7. Can I cancel my booking?
A7. Yes, the booking can be cancelled. Please note that a minimum usage will be charged (0.5× rate of the equipment) for booking cancellation within 24 hrs.

Q8. What happen if I forgot to present my card after experiment?
A8. The time will be counted as overtime usage. Please present your card immediately or find UMF staff for help.