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Health Check-up

Why do we need regular Health Check-up?

The aims of regular medical health check are for disease prevention and health promotion. Hong Kong people often have hectic and stressful lives, which make them more prone to develop health problems. In recent years, more people have been found to develop heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, even in the younger age groups. Therefore, University Health Service offers a wide range of check-up plans with comprehensive medical advice and optional tests at affordable prices to meet your needs in enhancing your health.

Four Check-up Plans


Student Health Check-up

  • University Health Service provides students with the following health check-up plans to facilitate pre-employment or internship placement. Click here for more detail.

Staff / Dependents Health Check-up

Retirees / Emeritus Professors Health Check-up

Staff Annual Medical Check-up Scheme (SAMCUS)

  • University Health Service provides free annual medical check-up for all full-time PolyU staff (staff on temporary terms are not included) of aged 46 or above. SAMCUS test items are listed in the table below. Our doctors will assess your current health status based on these findings and provide tailor-made health advice and appropriate treatments.


Guideline for Health Check Preparation

  1. You must fast overnight. No food or beverage after midnight, except plain water.
  2. For diabetic patients, please omit any hypoglycemic drugs or agents or insulin injection during the period of fasting so as to avoid hypoglycemia. Medicines for heart diseases or blood pressure can be taken as usual with small amount of water. Please bring along all the medicines you take for our record.
  3. Wear light clothing with no panty hose, and avoid wearing jewelleries or accessories.
  4. If applicable, wear glasses instead of contact lenses for eye tonometry measurement.
  5. Please register at the reception counter in the morning of the check-up day.
  6. Medical Laboratory Technologist will take your blood samples and the Radiographer will perform chest X-ray and / or the osteoporosis screening test whenever applicable.
  7. Guidelines on collecting stool and urine samples:
    - Please collect TWO different stool samples for faecal occult blood examination. Samples should be placed into a specific container. Two containers should be collected from our laboratory no more than one week before the blood test appointment and returned to the laboratory on the test day. Normal diet is recommended. Stool samples should not be collected if you are having bleeding hemorrhoids, diarrhoea or during menstrual period.
    Remark: You can consider to skip the faecal occult blood stool test if you received a colonoscopy examination with normal results in the past five years.
    - Please write your name and PolyU I.D. on the specimen containers.
    - Urine sample has to be examined within 3 hours; a urine specimen bottle will be provided for urine collection on the examination day in the clinic.
  8. For female clients, basic physical examination can be performed during menstruation. Stool and urine specimens should not be collected during menstruation.
  9. Should you have any queries about optional tests, please consult our medical officers prior to the health check.
  10. All health check-up plans and additional tests are to be paid by cash.

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