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Hypertension Assessment

Hypertension is often known as the “invisible killer”. Generally speaking, patients do not have obvious symptoms in the early stage and this usually leads to delay or lack of treatment and may eventually lead to severe complications
According to the definition by World Health Organization, hypertension is a reading of blood pressure greater than 140 (systolic pressure) over 90 (diastolic pressure) mmHg with repeated measurements when the person is at rest .

(Source of information: Hospital Authority, Smart Patient Website)


Patients with resting blood pressure over 140/90 on repeated measurements.



  • To ensure satisfactory control of blood pressure
  • To assess patient’s knowledge, attitude and compliance in respect of living with hypertension and drug treatment
  • To give appropriate advice to patient on healthy lifestyle and cardiovascular related risk factors
  • To detect hypertension related complications.


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Checkup Items

  1. Weight, Height, Body Mass Index
  2. Blood Pressure, Pulse
  3. Blood Test
    • Fasting Blood Glucose
    • Renal Function & Electrolytes
    • Lipid Profile
  4. Urine Stix for protein and glucose
  5. Electrocardiogram (Resting)
  6. Nursing Assessment and Lifestyle Counseling
  7. Doctor Assessment, Results Interpretation and Review of Management Plan


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