Geographical barriers have been reduced during the pandemic thanks to the advanced technological development. To widen students' horizons, Internationalization-at-home provided a rewarding experience for SYA students to connect with students from University of Turin (Italy) and University of Sfax (Tunisia) via different social media platforms (i.e., WhatsApp and Zoom). Throughout the project, each participant was randomly assigned to foreign partners. Some new elements were added into the program this year - providing some topics related to 'Global Citizenship'. They could discuss different topics assigned so as to build the sense of belonging as a global citizen. Many different topics, such as university lives and cultural differences, can be discussed but not limited to global and social issues. Students have the opportunity to not only broaden their horizons but also develop their communication skills and gain confidence in speaking English with individuals from different cultural backgrounds. As reported in their reflective journals and focus group interviews, they found themselves placing great emphasis on social phenomena worldwide. The result shows that the IaH Project has reached the KPI/ the ultimate goals.