Comprehensively concluding the evaluation and comments from the past participants of the Peer Mentoring Programme (PMP), the curricular and co-curricular effectively improved freshmen’s adaptability. The academic advice from mentor also helped freshmen to tackle study challenges. The SYA project, as we did in the previous years, organizes a semester-long PMP for freshmen. And the scale of programme reaches a new high!

50 mentors from various disciplines were recruited this year, with each guiding three freshmen from the same department or faculty to expand their social connection at PolyU. Through sharing personal experiences and learning tips, mentees can acquire important “common knowledge” about subject selection, adjustment of learning approaches, and campus facilities. With the mutual support in the small group, they walk through the first semester at PolyU hand in hand.

The PMP opening ceremony organized in mid-August introduced the activities and objectives, in which mentees and mentors got to know each other on-site. Most importantly, mentees can develop their own wonderful life at PolyU with the guidance and advice from our enthusiastic mentors.