SYA Project launched a research project studying the effectiveness of the artistic experience of Pastel Nagomi Art and Zentangle on stress management to university students. 33 students were recruited for this project titled “Senior Year Admitted Students - Artistic Experience Activities”.

Two-third of participants, whose grouping was randomly assigned, took either 8-session drawing class taught by a certified instructor free of charge from February to April. The rest received general psychological support from the university as the control group of the research.

The drawing tools and the techniques for both Pastel Nagomi Art and Zentangle are accessible. “Artists” may easily start with a box of pastel or an ink pen to create their unique drawings and patterns.

Previous research affirmed that both art forms were effective in reducing the stress level. The SYA Project anticipated that a similar adjustment also applied to the SYA participants helping them relieve the stress from their tight study schedule.