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The SYA Project Credit Transfer Webinar Series comprises six webinars from April to June 2021 encompassing topics on credit transfer to cultivate a platform for both prominent overseas and local speakers to share their experience in a virtual environment.

The six-session webinar series covers three topics ranging from the departmental guidelines on assessing course equivalency and institutional communication mechanism to policies governing the articulation between sub-degree and degree institutions. Each specific topic includes two sessions providing different insights both internationally and locally. Academics from sub-degree institutions and UGC-funded universities are invited to share their current practices for future collaboration. Overseas experts from the United States also presented their well-recognized transfer systems which facilitate the integration of those localized into the local higher education context.

Their presentations and interactive discussions have given audiences inspiration on how to strategically develop the local credit transfer system for streamlining the transfer process of Senior Year Admitted (SYA) students.

For details of the webinar, please click HERE.