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The SYA Project proudly presents the Peer Mentoring Programme (PMP) for SYA students!

SYA Peer Mentoring Programme (PMP) is specially designed to help senior year entry students to make a smooth transition from community college to university. Mentors of similar educational backgrounds will support and advise mentees during their first year at PolyU by helping them pursue academic achievement and personal growth. PMP also provides senior-year entry freshmen with a platform for connecting with other students to broaden their social circle. With both curricular and co-curricular supports, the learning experience of both mentor and mentee will be enhanced comprehensively.

What is the format of PMP?

The effectiveness of peer mentoring has been revamped based on previous experiences and research results. Mentors will pair up with three mentees from the same discipline or faculty to form groups of two to six. Study groups, social gatherings, and frequent communication on social media are recommended ways for mentees to proactively develop friendships with their mentor. The mentee should open themselves up to the possibility of learning more about academic planning, campus information, interpersonal relationships, receiving helpful feedback from their mentor, etc. Additionally, mentors will provide advice based on their own experiences with their mentees. To sustain a durable relationship, the pilot PMP will be a semester-long programme.

What will I gain?

  1. Extend your social circle by getting in touch with peers who have similar academic backgrounds✋
  2. Develop appropriate study skills for university education✍
  3. Find out more about university life☝
  4. Receive advice and support from senior SYA students✌

Am I eligible to be a mentee?

All SYA freshmen from any discipline are welcome!

However, the SYA Project cannot guarantee that all registered students can be assigned to a mentor due to the limited vacancy. It will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

How to be a mentee?

To register for PMP, SYA students need to complete an e-registration form posted below and in the SYA Project's WhatsApp groups for SYA students.

Registration Form for 2023-24

Application for 2023-2024 closed.