Exchange Students from PolyU Exchange Partners1 Non-local Fee-paying Students1 / Local Fee-paying Students2 PolyU Students3
Deposit4 N/A N/A HK$1,000 / subject
Administration Fee5
for visa application and delivery
(approx. US$71)
(approx. US$71)
Programme Fee 
including on-campus accommodation fee and programme activities fee


We offer scholarships to students from selected Exchange Partners. 


Please contact the Exchange Coordinator of your home university for details.

HK$12,000/1 subj
(approx. US$1,541)


HK$18,000/2 subj
(approx. US$2,311)

Tuition Fee Waived N/A


(for students of government-funded programmes, who have paid the instalments of tuition fees in the academic year of 2019/20)

Credit fee 

(for students of government-funded programmes who have NOT paid the instalments of tuition fees in the semesters of 2019/20, please refer to Student Handbook for the credit fee)

Accommodation Fee Waived N/A

To be confirmed

(waived for non-final-year degree students of government-funded programmes, who have paid the instalments of tuition fees in the academic year of 2019/20)

Field Trip Fee#
including roundtrip transport, insurance, meals and off-campus accommodation, if needed

(Half of the actual cost of the field trips)


For Macau Trip 
Around HK$1,500 (approx. US$193)

All fees paid are non-refundable unless otherwise specified. 


1 In addition to the programme fee and administration fee, students are responsible for:

  • airfare to and from their home countries
  • the cost of passports and Macau visa, if any (Application fee for Hong Kong student visa will be borne by PolyU)
  • insurance for their travel and stay in Hong Kong
  • top-up insurance for their travel to Macau (field trip)
  • accommodation outside the programme period
  • meals in Hong Kong
  • other daily expenses, such as laundry
  • medical expenses
  • any immunizations
  • any items not listed in above or in the Programme Fee

2 Full-time bachelor’s degree students at other local universities, who have the right of abode in Hong   Kong. Students who possess a valid Student visa are required to obtain a No Objection Letter (NOL)   from the Immigration Department and submit a copy of the NOL to the International Summer School   via email for handling.

3 All full-time bachelor’s degree students are welcome. 

The deposit will be refunded in early October upon successful completion of the programme. However,   if a student drops a subject without any replacement / withdraws from the International Summer   School, the deposit will NOT be refunded, except only if he / she drops a subject / withdraws from the  International Summer School in order to attend the regular Summer Term and / or fulfill Work   Integrated Education (WIE) as required by his / her programme, which clashes with the International   Summer School schedule. 

5 Administration fee applies to exchange students and non-local fee-paying students only. 

#Participants are heavily subsidized in the field trip. They are required to pay the full cost for the field   trip if they subsequently withdraw without providing a good reason.