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SFT Outstanding Research Achievement Award 2023 (Research Postgraduate Students)

21 Nov 2023


Cheung Yuk-ha_560x860


(fashion technology), under the supervision of Prof. John Xin

The outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and the unfortunate release of toxic chemicals into the environment have underscored the significance of creating functional materials to safeguard against these chemical and pathogenic threats. In response to this challenge, our team embarked on developing sustainable methods to produce porous composite systems that can be effectively employed under realistic conditions, offering protection to both civilians and first responders against harmful pathogens and chemicals. With their versatile and adjustable properties, these porous composites hold the potential for rational design and preparation of functional porous fiber composites, thereby paving the way for the advancement of next-generation textile filters for personal protection and air purification applications.
Dik Nga-yin_560x860

Dik Nga-yin

(fashion business), under the supervision of Prof. Chris Lo

During my first year of postgraduate studies, I developed a virtual garment fitting prediction model using machine learning algorithms. This project focused on addressing wearer's physical and psychological needs, which can improve customer satisfaction on garment purchase. A few conference and journal papers were published, demonstrating my research gap detection and innovative solutions. I also participated in competitions like Global Game Jam 2023 and PolyHack2023, promoting sustainability and the Green Deck project. My hackathon participation showcased my adaptability and potential for industry contributions. My accomplishments align with my potential in research and demonstrate my dedication to academic and professional growth.
Huang Junxian_560x860

Huang Junxian

(fashion technology), under the supervision of Prof. Xu Bingang

My research is focused on the design and fabrication of advanced fiber-based materials/devices with functional surface microstructures via effective physicochemical strategies. I have developed a unique method to investigate the formation of honeycomb porous microstructures on fiber surfaces, which has resulted in the development of multifunctional fiber-shaped materials/devices. My research has significant implications for wearable electronic applications, effectively bridging the gap between traditional fiber-based materials and their advanced applications. I have published two papers in high-impact journals, presented two conference papers at international conferences, and won a best presentation award. My work has potential for practical applications in the field of smart and wearable energy harvesting, energy conversion and storage, and sensing.
Liu Jing_560x860

Liu Jing

(fashion design), under the supervision of Prof. Kinor Jiang

My research focuses on the exploration of 3D printing technology for fashion and textile design. Demonstrating knowledge at the intersection of technology and fashion, I have made impactful practices in 3D printing and textile innovation. Part of my design works is collected in the permanent collection of China National Silk Museum and received more than 10 awards in various international competitions and exhibitions. I have been honored as the recipient of the “Longitude and Latitude Plan” for creative design talents in Keqiao, China, receiving a grant of RMB350,000 to support my future design research. Moreover, my research findings have also been published in several international journals and conferences.
Zhuang Qiuna_560x860

Zhuang Qiuna

(fashion technology), under the supervision of Prof. Zheng Zijian

My work addresses the critical challenges of developing high-density and multi-functional permeable stretchable electronic systems that are conformal to soft organs and tissues, have continuous working and intervention abilities, and are biocompatible over the long term. I fabricated various liquid metal based bioelectrodes with high permeability, stretchability, electrical conductivity, stability, and durability. I also developed wafer-scale high-resolution patterning techniques and system-level integration strategies for wearable, on-skin, and implantable bioelectronics.

To encourage and recognise outstanding research in each discipline of fashion design, fashion business, and fashion technology; and promote the excellence of research postgraduate education, SFT introduces the first Outstanding Research Achievement Award (Research Postgraduate Students) this year.

To be considered for the award, research achievements should contribute to but not limited to the following:

  • Advances in knowledge or understanding in the field of fashion design, fashion business, or/and fashion technology
  • Innovative research methodologies, design methods, or technologies that have led to significant results
  • Contributions to the development of new theories or concepts
  • Development of new technologies, products, designs, or standards with good impact on the field  

We are excited to announce the awardees of this year are as follows:

  1. Cheung Yuk-ha, (fashion technology), under the supervision of Prof. John Xin
  2. Dik Nga-yin (fashion business), under the supervision of Prof. Chris Lo
  3. Huang Junxian (fashion technology), under the supervision of Prof. Xu Bingang
  4. Liu Jing (fashion design), under the supervision of Prof. Kinor Jiang
  5. Zhuang Qiuna (fashion technology), under the supervision of Prof. Zheng Zijian

Each awardee will receive a cash prize of HK$6,000 and a certificate of achievement. Congratulations to all the awardees.

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