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Department of Rehabilitation Sciences Inauguration Ceremony 2023/24

The Inauguration Ceremony for the academic year 2023/2024 of the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences (RS) was held in the morning of 31 August 2023. The event marked the start of a new academic journey for the incoming cohort of students. Attended by a gathering of over 200 esteemed guests, including government official, scholarship donors, clinical educators, RS academic staff and students, various stakeholders have witnessed the significant occasion. Dr Lawrence Li (Deputy Council Chairman, PolyU) warmly welcomed the newly admitted physiotherapy (PT) and occupational therapy (OT) undergraduate students in his opening address. He shared that for the past 15 years or so, the BSc (Hons) in PT programme had consistently ranked the first among all first-degree programmes at PolyU based on admission scores, while the BSc (Hons) in OT programme had maintained a prominent position within the top three. Dr Li also acknowledged that this year would mark Prof. Hector Tsang's (Chair Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences and Head of RS, Interim Director of MHRC) final term as the Head of the department and expressed gratitude for his dedicated six-year service and contributions as the Department Head. We were so honoured to have Dr Pang Fei-chau (Commissioner for Primary Healthcare, Health Bureau) as our officiating guest and delivered a speech. Dr Pang emphasised the increasing importance of rehabilitation services and highlighted the burning issue of insufficient skilled professionals in the field. He commended the new batch of PT and OT students for their dedication to serve the Hong Kong community. He also wished the freshmen a fruitful and enjoyable university life at RS. Prof. Hector Tsang has then delivered his welcome speech, highlighting the impressive accomplishments of both RS academic staff and students, and showcasing their excellence across various aspects. He mentioned the department's remarkable research performance and the international recognition it has gained, and he also elaborated on the department's continued success and ongoing endeavors. Followed by a series of prize presentations to the top students, Prof. Hector Tsang concluded the event with warm congratulations to the recently promoted staff members and expressed his gratitude to all the guests who attended the ceremony.

31 Aug, 2023



RS Futsal Cup 2023 Concludes with Spectacular Finale

The Department of Rehabilitation Sciences (RS) celebrated its 45th Anniversary with RS Futsal Cup 2023 on 19 August 2023! The event commenced with a ceremonial first pitch, led by Ir Prof. Albert Chan (Dean of Students, Student Affairs Office, PolyU) and Prof. Andy Cheng (Associate Head and Professor, RS, PolyU). The competition featured seven teams that competed in a single-elimination format, including the OT and PT student teams, as well as the OT and PT alumni teams, along with a team of enthusiastic staff members. This event aimed to create a closer bond between students and staff, not solely focused on academics, but fostering a deeper mutual understanding. As the tournament unfolded, the competition intensified, with two standout teams emerging as contenders for the championship. Finally, the PT student team named “Go Straight Ahead (中路直隊)” won the champion, their dedication and teamwork had paid off! And the first runner-up goes to PT alumni team named “PTFC”, while the second runner-up goes to another PT student team named “MPT BB”. During the closing speech by Prof. Cheng, he highlighted that the event not only celebrated sporting excellence but also showcased RS's holistic approach. It was evident that all players thoroughly enjoyed the spirited competition! We are incredibly proud of the diverse talents of our students, alumni, and teachers, and look forward to hosting more enjoyable events in the future!

21 Aug, 2023



RS Summer School 2023

The Department of Rehabilitation Sciences Summer School 2023 program was successfully completed from 11 to 17 July 2023. With generous support from the University, the program lasted for 5 days and entertained more than 70 participants from different countries. During the program, the participants enjoyed seminars on research frontiers in rehabilitation sciences, clinic and laboratory visit as well as visits to Occupational Therapy/ Physiotherapy and other allied health services in hospital and community settings. Participants were also invited to join the RS’s Got Talent Show for the 45th anniversary celebration of RS. The participants shortlisted were with a major in Occupational and Physiotherapy and related health disciplines from prestigious universities. They were selected based on academic excellence, cultural diversity, and interest in pursuing research. The program commenced with an opening ceremony and welcome lunch for the participants and PolyU staff. Ice-breaking activities were first carried out to build rapport and followed by a campus tour, which was administered on a small group basis to provide an in-depth experience of the environments. A sharing session was then delivered by Prof. Roy Cheung and his students from Western Sydney University. On the second day, participants had a visit to the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Jockey Club Rehabilitation Complex. They learned about rehabilitation services from experienced occupational/physio-therapists through talks, site tours, and exchange sessions. In the afternoon, participants were introduced to PhD programs. Dr Freddy Lam, a graduate representative and current academic staff, shared his experience with participants. This was followed by seminars with Q&A sessions in three research areas including ‘Complementary and Integrative Health in the East-West Context’, ‘Healthy Ageing’, and ‘Translational Neuroscience and Rehabilitation: Sensori-motor Systems’. The third day started with sharing by two awardees of the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme.  Participants were then exposed to more research areas with seminars on “Translational Neuroscience and Rehabilitation: Cognitive-affective Systems” and “Musculoskeletal and Sport Rehabilitation”. This was followed by an afternoon of clinical visits to Tuen Mun Hospital and Kwai Chung Hospital, which allowed participants to reflect more deeply on the healthcare climate in Hong Kong. On the fourth day, participants had a visit to RS’s research labs (e.g., Gait and Motion Analysis Laboratory and Neurorehabilitation Laboratory) and PT and OT clinics on campus. The visit allowed participants to engage directly with various laboratory attachments and learn more about the practice aspects of rehabilitation sciences. During the afternoon, some of the participants prepared for the evening’s Got Talent Show and formed four performing teams. They presented attractive performances, including K-pop song dancing, musical instrument playing, singing, and Sri Lankan dancing, further facilitating their communication with RS staff and students. Group consultation with Research Area Coordinators and Closing Ceremony have been cancelled due to the hoist of Typhoon Signal No.8 on the last day of program.  However, participants were encouraged to keep in touch with Faculty members to explore the opportunity for Research Studies in the RS, PolyU. 

20 Jul, 2023



Agreement Signing Ceremony between RS of PolyU and HELM of University of Nottingham

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences (RS) of PolyU and Health E-learning and Media Team (HELM) of School of Health Sciences, University of Nottingham had held a significant agreement signing ceremony on 19 July 2023, symbolising a closer and more concrete collaborative relationship between the 2 institutions. This agreement offers RS's teaching staff a golden opportunity for development, enabling them to engage in HELM's digital learning projects and share their valuable expertise with the Team. During the signing ceremony, Prof. Kwok-yin Wong (Vice President (Education), PolyU) expressed he was confident that the agreement would bring mutual benefits through knowledge exchange and best practices in digital learning. Prof. Hector Tsang (Chair Professor and Head of RS, PolyU) also shared his opinion, emphasizing the potential growth of RS staff as they collaborate with Nottingham's pioneering digital learning initiatives. This agreement signing ceremony has signified a moment of great promise, and promoted collaborative learning and cultural exchange between the two institutions. We eagerly anticipate exploring further models and opportunities for collaboration with the University of Nottingham in various areas.

19 Jul, 2023


1 DSC6869

RS's Got Talent 2023 - Shines Bright in Celebrating RS's 45th Anniversary

To celebrate its 45th anniversary, the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences (RS) hosted the spectacular event ‘RS's Got Talent 2023’. Not only celebrity guests were invited to perform and judge, students, alumni and teachers from RS had also showcased various musical performances. The lineup was remarkable, and the presence and performances of the stakeholders had captivated the audiences. RS's Got Talent 2023 featured a diverse range of outstanding performances by undergraduate and postgraduate students, alumni, and teachers. The event brought together 11 teams for competition, each showcasing their unique talents, including acoustic singing, dance routines, and live band performances. Among the winners, Miss Lam Sze Wing and Mr Sam Yat Kan, Year 2 OT students, received the Bronze Award for their acoustic singing performance of "Lovely", while Miss Chor Wing Sum and Miss Yi Yin Ni, also Year 2 OT students, won the Silver Award for their acoustic singing performance of "Breathing with You (留一天與你喘息)". Mr Kwan Yan Ting, a Year 2 PT student, impressed the audiences with his dazzling dance performance of a mix of K-pop songs, and had received both the Gold Award and the Peer's Choice Award, being the “Double Winner” of this event! In addition to the competition, renowned celebrities Mr Alfred Hui and Miss Gin Lee graced the stage, attracting and exciting the audiences with their moving voices as they delivered powerful and heartfelt songs. A distinguished panel of celebrity judges, including Miss Cally Kwong, Mr Clayton Cheung, and our accomplished alumnus Mr King Lam, evaluated all the performances and provided their expert insights. Mr King Lam did not only serve as a judge but also showcase his remarkable musical talent with a singing performance, strengthening the bond between the department and its successful alumni. The event was further elevated by the presence of esteemed judges of honour, including Dr Miranda Lou (Executive Vice President, PolyU), Prof. David Shum (Yeung Tsang Wing Yee and Tsang Wing Hing Professor in Neuropsychology, Chair Professor of Neuropsychology, and Dean of FHSS, PolyU), and Prof. Hector Tsang (Cally Kwong Mei Wan Professor in Psychosocial Health, Chair Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences and Head, RS, Interim Director of MHRC, PolyU). Their presence added significant value to the event. The event has successfully provided a platform for individuals to showcase their multifaceted abilities, celebrate their passion for music and arts, and foster a vibrant and inclusive community within the department. In addition to the competition teams, 4 performing teams from the RS Summer School Programme delighted the audiences with their incredible skills. The teams presented attractive performances, including K-pop song dancing, musical instrument playing, singing, and Sri Lankan dancing, further enriching the overall experience of the audiences. RS's Got Talent 2023 was a significant success, not only commemorating the department's rich history, but also emphasizing its commitment to nurturing students' diverse abilities and creative talents. We are incredibly proud of our students', alumni’s and teachers’ diverse talents and look forward to hosting more enjoyable events in the future!

14 Jul, 2023



Outstanding Alumni Award of PolyU Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

Ms Ada Yu has been selected to receive the Outstanding Alumni Award in Entrepreneurial Achievement of PolyU Department of Rehabilitation Sciences. Ms Ada Yu is currently the Founder and CEO of OK CARE Limited, and Owner and Chief Physiotherapist of Atech Health Specialists.  As a physiotherapist by training, Ms Ada Yu has addressed healthcare service demands in the elderly population by establishing a company with a team of over 2,000 qualified healthcare professionals in the rehabilitation and nursing fields to provide onsite services for users. The Department of Rehabilitation Sciences would like to express its heartfelt congratulations to Ms Yu for her achievements.   

7 Jun, 2023



Congratulations to Prof. Marco Pang on being honoured with the World Physiotherapy International Service Award in Research

The Department of Rehabilitation Sciences congratulates Prof. Marco Pang (Director of University Research Facility in Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience & Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences) on being honoured with the World Physiotherapy International Service Award in Research! This prestigious recognition was presented to him at the recent World Physiotherapy Congress held in Dubai, and he is the first physiotherapist from Hong Kong in history to receive this award! The World Physiotherapy International Service Award in Research is a highly regarded honour that is awarded only once every four years. Among the recipients of this year's Award Ceremony, Professor Pang stands out as one of the four exceptional physiotherapists from across the globe. He was personally presented with the award by Professor Emma Stokes, the President of World Physiotherapy, who commended him for his outstanding research contributions and unwavering dedication to advancing the field. The Department of Rehabilitation Sciences extends heartfelt congratulations to Prof. Pang and eagerly anticipates the innovative work that will bring even more impactful benefits to the community and the world.

5 Jun, 2023



RS 45th Anniversary Research Seminar Was Successfully Held

The RS 45th Anniversary Research Seminar was successfully held at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) on 27 May 2023. As one of the celebratory events of the RS 45th anniversary, this seminar was organised by Department of Rehabilitation Sciences (RS) in collaboration with Mental Health Research Centre (MHRC) and Research Centre for Chinese Medicine Innovation (RCMI). The main objective of the seminar was to explore the latest advancements and state-of-the-art research in the field of rehabilitation sciences. During the seminar, members from RS, RCMI, and MHRC shared their valuable knowledge and insights under the theme of the event "Current trends in rehabilitation sciences research: Interdisciplinary collaboration, outcome, and impact.". Three distinguished keynote speakers had been invited to deliver lectures, they are Prof. Masud Husain (Professor of Neurology & Cognitive Neuroscience, Wellcome Trust Principal Fellow, Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Oxford), Prof. Alisoun J. Milne (Professor Emeritus of Social Gerontology and Social Work, University of Kent) and Prof. Rupert Lanzenberger (Professor in Clinical Neurosciences Section Head: NEUROIMAGING LABS (NIL) Division of General Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Medical University of Vienna). The seminar was also graced by esteemed guests including Dr Cissy Choi (Assistant Commissioner for Primary Healthcare 1, Primary Healthcare Office Health Bureau), Prof. Christopher Chao (Vice President – Research and Innovation, PolyU) and Prof. Qingyan Chen (Director of PolyU Academy for Interdisciplinary Research, PolyU) . At the round up session, Prof. Hector Tsang (Interim Director of MHRC; Cally Kwong Mei Wan Professor in Psychosocial Health, Chair Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences, and Head of RS, PolyU) expressed his high satisfaction with the seminar, and highlighted its important role as a platform for productive exchanges of cutting-edge research and innovative technologies. Looking ahead, RS will continue to commit to leveraging its research expertise and further enhancing interdisciplinary collaboration. The goal is to make impacts on individuals' lives and enhance healthcare practices.

29 May, 2023


2023 05 10 Prof Amy

Congratulations to Prof. Amy Fu won Silver Medal at the 48th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva

Led by Prof. Amy Fu (Peter Hung Professor in Pain Management, Associate Head (RS) & Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences) and Prof. CHEN Changwen (Chair Professor of Visual Computing, Department of Computing), System for Evaluation and Triage for Healthy Knee has garnered Silver Medal at the 48th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva. Department of Rehabilitation Sciences expressed heartful congratulation to the team and looking forward to the innovation drives more impactful benefits in the community and the world.  

16 May, 2023


2023 05 08 HKPC Pilate Training

Hong Kong Physiotherapy Concern’s Pilate Exercise Workshop

With the aim of letting students understand more about the Pilates exercises and its principles and enhancing student’s understanding of the different therapeutic techniques of physiotherapy, the Hong Kong Physiotherapy Concern Group organized a Pilates workshop on 1 April at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Mr Edwin Ng, Physiotherapist I, Rehabilitation Clinic of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University was invited to introduce the principles and key points of Pilates exercise to physiotherapy students from different institutions. The participants had role play of physiotherapist and patient to practice the skills of clinical physiotherapy diagnosis. At the end of the workshop, participants could try out various basic Pilates exercises under the guidance of the instructor to experience the benefits. Pilates is a body control-based exercise designed to strengthen the core muscles and improve body posture. In addition to being a fitness exercise, Pilates is also widely used in physical therapy. This exercise strengthens the core muscles, including the muscles of the lower back, hips, and abdomen. These muscles are important components in supporting the spine and body posture. Through Pilates exercises, these muscles can be strengthened, thereby reducing the burden on the spine and joints and reducing pain and discomfort. All in all, the workshop was beneficial in enhancing the participants' understanding of Pilates exercises and learning a lot of physiotherapy skills.  

8 May, 2023


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