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People’s Republic of China Ten Thousand People’s Scheme 2021 (萬人計劃)

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences (RS) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Sun Yat-Sen University have maintained a continuous mutual affiliative partnership in acupuncture teaching and evidence-based research practice.  Freshly, Dr Billy So (Assistant Professor, RS) has succeeded in acquiring a collaborative project under People’s Republic of China Ten Thousand People’s Scheme 2021 (萬人計劃) from Ministry of Education to promote and advance the interconnection in East meets West rehabilitation education between the two universities. With this scheme, thirty-two students from BSc (Hon) in Physiotherapy programme will be funded to participate in the acupuncture clinical internship program at the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of the Sixth Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-Sen University. The internship exchange program will last for 20 days starting from July 17, 2021 to August 14, 2021. We aim at providing students a variety of exposures in hands-on clinical application of acupuncture after program completion and we act as a pioneer in empowering RS students to broaden horizons in east meets west rehabilitation. 

18 Feb, 2021

2020 Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

2021 01 28 Dr Andy Cheng SWIM

A research team led by Dr Andy Cheng from RS and Department of Computing at PolyU has established the “Smart Work Injury Management System” (SWIM)

A research team of Department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Department of Computing at PolyU has established the “Smart Work Injury Management System” (SWIM) to accurately predict with AI and big data the length of sick leaves and return-to-work trajectory in the cases of injuries at work. Dr Andy Cheng, Associate Professor of RS, said they fed the system with around 90,000 cases collected from 68 insurance companies for building up analytic models through machine-learning.  With the basic information such as age, job nature, salary, injured area and cause of injury, SWIM is able to predict the severity of a case, what treatment should be taken, the possibility of resumption of work, and the amount of insurance claim costs etc.  SWIM’s prediction reaches 70% and 60% in accuracy to assess disability level and number of days of sick leave respectively, both outperforming estimations conducted by humans. Dr Cheng said they hope SWIM’s prediction can be used as a reference for stakeholders like employers, injured workers and insurance companies to acquire a more comprehensive information so as to develop better rehabilitation plans and reduce the chances of work-related injuries. Six insurance companies have already expressed their interest in SWIM. Dr Cheng said they expect to launch a 6-month trial run for these companies earliest by March, and put SWIM to use by the insurance and healthcare industries next year.  

28 Jan, 2021

2020 Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

20210118 OT student received the Swire University Scholarship

OT student received the Swire University Scholarship 2020/21

Miss Tik Naomi Yin, a year 3 student of BSc (Hons) in OT programme, received the Swire University Scholarship 2020/21. The scholarship rewards outstanding students for their excellent academic achievements as well as commitment to community services. Naomi is a talented student with distinguished academic performance, who has participated actively in volunteer services, such as the World Occupational Therapy Day 2018 to promote occupational therapy to the general public. She has the following to share: "2020 was a tough year. Things were harsh no matter in personal, social and global aspects. I was struggling with the adaptation to the new teaching mode and lifestyle, while my parent was facing potential unemployment. Studies were stressful as I needed to work hard to maintain good grades. When I heard about this scholarship, I decided to give it a try. I did not expect much since I thought an additional source of stress was not good. As a result, the news that I was honoured with this award came as a happy surprise. It is also a great encouragement to me and my family. Many thanks to my family and friends who had supported me. My deep appreciation too to Professor Tsang and the teachers who had nominated me. I am also very grateful for all my teachers who have taught me with passion for their professions. Finally, I would like to thank God for His grace and the opportunity He gave me.”

18 Jan, 2021


PolyU RS signs Memorandum of Understanding with Kunming Medical University on 15 January 2021

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences (RS) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Kunming Medical University (KMU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 15 January 2021 via Zoom, as a record of both parties’ understanding in relation to discussing the opportunity to undertake cooperative activities. RS has more than 30 years of collaborative relationship with. Under the leadership of Prof. Ao, the Rehabilitation Medicine Department of KMU has achieved a higher academic ranking in the country due to high-quality training to the students. The completion of the new rehabilitation teaching building shows the great support in rehabilitation education of the country as well as the rapid expansion of rehabilitation professions. This collaboration will strengthen the existing collaboration between RS and KMU in the provision of a new education platform and enhancement of community rehabilitation education. There are three objectives of this collaboration: 1.) To strengthen the mode of community rehabilitation service education so as to enhance the teaching curriculum and clinical education. 2.) To build up a brand new “PolyU-KMU Community Rehabilitation Education Centre” with the objectives to preserve the valuable service data and to promote rehabilitation education to different parties including teachers, students, professions and the public. 3.) To make use of the newly established Centre as a core basement of community rehabilitation education so as to further promote a more professional rehabilitation education training to the whole country. The promotion is not only limited to the students of PolyU and KMU, but also to the surrounding institutions, as well as all parties who are interested in community rehabilitation services. In the future, we will make use of this “PolyU-KMU Community Rehabilitation Education Centre” to enhance the promotion of rehabilitation education in the whole country. The ultimate goal is to improve the teaching quality and to enhance the development of rehabilitation education in the country, thereby positively impacting on the lives of people with disabilities and helping them to go back into the community.

15 Jan, 2021

Research Presentation IISurajov3

Dr Sulaiman joins Prof. Tsang’s research team to conduct a collaborative project with GMU

We would like to welcome Dr Surajo Kamilu Sulaiman on board, who newly joined Prof. Hector Tsang’s research team as a postdoctoral fellow in January 2021.   Dr Sulaiman received his Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from Bayero University in Nigeria, and his Master of Physiotherapy from SRM University in India. He earned his PhD (rehabilitation science) from Queen’s University in Canada. Before joining our department, he was lecturer in the Department of Physiotherapy, Bayero University. His research interest is quality of life and its measurement in individuals with disabilities or at risk of developing disabilities. Dr Sulaiman will be working on a collaborative research project on physical exercises for individuals with knee osteoarthritis, jointly supervised by Prof. Tsang, Dr Arnold Wong of RS, and Dr Ou Haining from Guangzhou Medical University (GMU). Prof. Tsang has been appointed Nanshan Scholar by GMU, and the funding support for this project originates from his appointment. 

14 Jan, 2021


RS gave an interview with Xinhua Net to share their experience in helping survivors from the Yunnan earthquake in 2014

Members of the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences (RS), PolyU, gave an interview with Xinhua Net to share their experience in helping survivors from the Yunnan earthquake in 2014. For six years, Mr Tang Kin-chung (Occupational Therapy Clinical Associate, RS) and the team of PolyU students, 愛無疆 (Love without Borders), has never stop visiting the county and surrounding areas to give out their services, equipment and love to those disabled. Prof. Hector Tsang (Chair Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences and Head of RS) said the demand for occupational therapy is vast in the impoverished rural areas in China where the medical facilities are not as comprehensive as first-tier cities. “Positively impacting on the lives of people with or without disabilities” is the mission of RS. Over 130 PolyU students have joined the “Love without Borders” over the years to visit Rudian and surrounding areas at least twice a year, and about 110 disabled persons have received their therapy services. Online coverage: Xinhua Net -; China News - The Cover - Sina - - 光明時政 - 21CN新聞 - East Day - Sohu - Toutiao -

4 Jan, 2021

20201118 PolyU sets up the first university-based occupational therapy clinic on campus

PolyU sets up the first university-based occupational therapy clinic on campus

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has established a new on-campus rehabilitation centre that focuses on the provision of occupational therapy (OT) services, thanks to a generous donation from Mr Tam Wing Fan and his family. It is the first-ever OT clinic in Hong Kong operated by a university. The Tam Wing Fan Rehabilitation Service Centre (Occupational Therapy), named after its donor Mr Tam Wing Fan, a distinguished Hong Kong architect and philanthropist who generously supported education, research and community service, is the second rehabilitation centre operating on the PolyU campus. With state-of-the-art equipment, veteran academic researchers and experienced occupational therapists, this new Centre provides comprehensive OT services for people of all age groups, including treatments for musculoskeletal, neurological and mental health dysfunctions. In view of the ageing population and the rising needs for primary healthcare services in the community, the Centre will become a service point for the public, with an emphasis on elderly care and offering treatments for common neurological diseases, elderly falls and fractures, and mental health conditions. For more details, please refer to

18 Nov, 2020


RS designs new dual-task exercise for stroke patients to effectively reduce the risk of falls and fall-related injuries

Professor Marco PANG Yiu-chung, Professor of Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at PolyU led the study of “Dual-Task Exercise Reduces Cognitive-Motor Interference in Walking and Falls after Stroke: A Randomized Controlled Study” (link), appeared in Stroke, a peer-reviewed medical journal published by the American Heart Association. It was revealed that dual-task exercises were able to help reduce the risk of falls and injurious falls by 25.0% and 22.2% respectively, bringing about significant improvement to the dual-task mobility of people post-stroke. As such, the programme has the potential to roll out in community and home-based settings, where healthcare resources are scarce. For more details, please visit:

17 Sep, 2020


RS Inauguration Ceremony 2020/21

The Inauguration Ceremony 2020-21 of Department of Rehabilitation Sciences (RS) was held on 2nd September 2020, marking the beginning of a new academic life for a new cohort of students. Due to the current COVID-19 epidemic, this is the first time for the Inauguration Ceremony to be held online instead of face-to-face. Despite of this difficult condition, we still have over 300pax guests and students joining our Ceremony online. During the Opening Address, Prof. Hector Tsang (Cally Kwong Mei Wan Professor in Psychosocial Health, Chair Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences and Head of RS) said that he was honoured to deliver the 1st speech in his second term in RS for the Inauguration Ceremony, which is also his 4th speech for the same event since he assumed his position as Head in 2017. He mentioned that RS has made great achievements in the areas of education, research and knowledge transfer over the past three years. He especially mentioned the establishment of the Tam Wing Fan Rehabilitation Services Centre in Occupational Threapy in room W210/211 with the generous donations from Mr and Mrs Tam. With the opening of this centre, RS can provide more high-quality OT services with the use of world-class rehabilitation equipment. He concluded that although most of this last academic year did not make us to enjoy a normal and face-to-face university life due to the social movements and the Covid-19 outbreak, surprisingly most of the students had a good overall impression of their online learning experiences. For the JUPAS admission figures of this year, Prof. Tsang mentioned that our subjects remain outstanding as ever, with the average scores of our PT and OT freshmen in their best SIX DSE subjects standing at 39.6 and 37.8 points respectively (or 34.4 and 33.2 points, if we use the old conversion method). The figures this year continue to rank 1st and 2nd places among ALL first-year, first-degree programmes in PolyU. It is so encouraging that Communications and Public Affairs Office of PolyU, for the first time, arranged a press conference to announce our great achievements in admission this year. Looking forward to the next 3 years, with the extension of MOT (Master in Occupational Therapy) and MPT (Master in Physiotherapy) programme, and also the developing of the new PolyU campus in Homantin, which can strongly admit over 500 students each year, it is no doubt that PolyU RS will maintain our leading position in the provision of professional education for qualified physiotherapists and occupational therapists in Hong Kong to meet the societal needs. Lastly, Prof. Tsang hopes that all of the freshmen will take them as role models, and set ambitious goals for themselves. In addition to working as a clinical therapist, excel themselves in health care management and become leaders in the health sector. We were honoured to have the presence of Prof. Herman Lau (Director of Allied Health CUHK Medical Centre) as our officiating guest and to give us a speech. As our outstanding alumni, he hopes that all of the freshmen will take their professors as exemplars and become educators and researchers in the next generation. In this role, all of them will like them nurture future talents, or to become top scientists in the two professional disciplines. We were also pleased to have the pre-recorded video form Mr Daniel Lo Chief Manager - Allied Health, Hospital Authority, who is also a former physiotherapy student of PolyU PT. He told the freshman to have passionate about study and work, so as to prepare themselves to be health professional upon graduation from the program. Followed by a series of prize presentations to both the awarded top students, Prof. Hector Tsang made a closing remark with warm congratulations to the recently promoted staff members and a vote of thanks to all the guests who attended the Ceremony.

2 Sep, 2020

Dr Shirley Ngai

Dr Shirley Ngai received national award - 2018 National Teaching Achievement Award (Higher Education) (Second Class Prize)

Dr Shirley Ngai (Associate Professor and Programme Leader of BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy of RS) has been awarded the 2018 National Teaching Achievement Award (Higher Education) (Second Class Prize). The National Teaching Achievement Award (Higher Education) by the Ministry of Education is presented to individuals or teams who have made great contribution to either education theory or practice and achieved significant improvement in education quality and learning outcome. Dr Ngai is among the first academics from Hong Kong to receive this top honour in education at the national level. Dr Ngai specialises in research and teaching in cardiopulmonary physiotherapy. To enhance the confidence of her students in the real clinical scenarios, she has designed and introduced various innovative pedagogical methods including converting the classroom into a simulated “ward” to allow students applying their professional knowledge in a “simulated” clinical setting.

14 Aug, 2020

Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

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