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主要校外研究資助 (只有英文版本)

日期 資助計劃 項目名稱 首席研究員 資助金額
2023 RGC-RIF Flexible and Stretchable Batteries for Wearable Applications
Prof. Zijian ZHENG (ABCT) HK$5,550,000
2023 RGC-NSFC/RGC Joint Research Scheme Long-cycle and High-energy-density Flexible Li Batteries Using Hollow Multishelled Structure and Hierarchical Composite Electrode
Prof. Zijian ZHENG (ABCT) HK$3,592,800
2023 RGC Senior Research Fellow Printable Organic Solar Cells: Materials and Device Investigations towards Applications
Prof. Gang LI (EEE) HK$7,798,380
2022 RGC-NSFC/RGC Joint Research Scheme Construction of bismuth-based hierarchical nano/microstructured electrodes and their applications in photoelectrochemical cells for solar-driven ambient ammonia production
Dr Liang AN (ME) HK$ 1,176,456
2022 RGC Senior Research Fellow Coupling Ferroelectrics and Piezoelectricsto Optoelectronics: From Fundamentals and Materials to Device Applications
Prof. Jianhua HAO (AP) HK$7,798,380
2022 ITF Lightweight metallic glass fibre-based current collector for flexible and high capacity battery cathode
Prof. Zijian ZHENG (ITC) HK$ 2,985,400
2022 ITF Smart data-driven building management framework for environmental and sustainability applications
Prof. Fu XIAO (BEEE) HK$ 7,300,000
2022 Green Tech Fund A safe, efficient and facile approach for hydrogen storage and generation: catalytic hydrolysis of solid-state hydrogen storage materials
Dr Guangping ZHENG (ME) HK$ 3,305,100
2022 ITF Development of High-Voltage Electrolyte and High-Specifi c Energy Flexible Lithium Battery
Prof. Zijian ZHENG (ABCT) HK$1,079,735
2022 ITF

High-Power-Density High-Efficiency On-Board Electric Vehicle Charger Based on Thermally Enhanced Silicon Carbide Power Module and Advanced Power Conversion Technologies

Dr Ka Hong LOO (EIE) HK$5,978,459