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Date Journal Name Title Author(s) in RISE
Jul 2021 ACS Energy Letters Metal–Organic Frameworks for Electrocatalysis: Catalyst or Precatalyst? Dr Yoon Suk LEE Lawrence
Jul 2021 Applied Catalysis B: Environmental Impacts of boron doping on the atomic structure, stability, and photocatalytic activity of Cu3P nanocrystals

Dr Yoon Suk LEE Lawrence


Jul 2021 Advanced Functional Materials Tuning the Electrochemical Properties of Polymeric Cobalt Phthalocyanines for Efficient Water Splitting Dr Yoon Suk LEE Lawrence
Jul 2021 Advanced Energy Materials Interfacing or Doping? Role of Ce in Highly Promoted Water Oxidation of NiFe-Layered Double Hydroxide Dr Yoon Suk LEE Lawrence
Jun 2021 Small Methods Laser-Ablated Red Phosphorus on Carbon Nanotube Film for Accelerating Polysulfide Conversion toward High-Performance and Flexible Lithium–Sulfur Batteries Dr Yoon Suk LEE Lawrence
Jul 2021 Nature Photonics Stable and low-photovoltage-loss perovskite solar cells by multifunctional passivation Prof. Gang LI
Jun 2021 EcoMat Supercapacitor electrodes based on metal-organic compounds from the first transition metal series Prof. Wai-Yeung WONG
Jun 2021 Advanced Materials Multifunctional Crosslinking-Enabled Strain-Regulating Crystallization for Stable, Efficient α-FAPbI 3 -Based Perovskite Solar Cells Prof. Gang LI and Prof. Zijian ZHENG
May 2021 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces Interface Engineering of a 2D-C3N4/NiFe-LDH Heterostructure for Highly Efficient Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Dr Yoon Suk LEE Lawrence
May 2021 Nature Communication Realizing high-power and high-capacity zinc/sodium metal anodes through interfacial chemistry regulation Dr Biao ZHANG

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