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Johnson Matthey

智慧能源研究院成員獲得Johnson Matthey資助並與多間國際大學攜手進行科研(只有英文版本)

We are pleased to inform you that our RISE members Dr Molly LI as PI and Professor Shu Ping LAU Daniel as Co-I will collaborate with Johnson Matthey (JM) and different international universities, i.e. Fudan University, Xiamen University, and Oxford University, to work together on scientific research focused on how CO2 can be used in green bulk chemicals production. In addition, a sizable amount of funding is provided for the research of Dr Li and Professor Lau, focusing on surface science and characterisation facilities. Formic Acid is a small platform chemical that can be produced in great quantity by the electrochemical reaction of CO2 and H2 that link to recycled carbon, renewable H2 and energy. In this project, Johnson Matthey Pacific Limited will partner with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University to explore new research directions in Formic Acid and Green Chemistry. This collaboration aims to provide a new level of innovation, focus and ambition to confront the critical scientific challenge in energy and green catalytic synthesis to deliver sustainable chemicals. About Johnson Matthey (JM) Johnson Matthey (JM) is a global leader in sustainable technologies. JM applies unrivalled scientific expertise to enable cleaner air, improved health and the more efficient use of our planet’s natural resources. They would be central in accelerating the significant transitions needed in transport, energy, chemicals production and creating a circular economy. To tackle the world’s challenges of climate change and resource scarcity, JM applies its cutting-edge science and provides solutions to different customers. Please click here for more detail. Congratulations to Dr Li and Professor Lau and we wish them every success in their research! Press Release from Johnson Matthey's official website LinkedIn Post from Johnson Matthey


Prof Guohua CHENCAE


Congratulations to Professor Guohua CHEN, one of our RISE lead investigator for electing into the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE) 2022! According to the Media Released by the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE), President Yves Beauchamp announced that Fifty-four new fellows elected into the Canadian Academy of Engineering on 13 June 2022. “The Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE) is the national institution through which individuals, who have made outstanding contributions to engineering in Canada, provide strategic advice on matters of critical importance to Canada and to Canadians. The CAE is an independent, self-governing, and non-profit organization established in 1987. Fellows of the CAE are nominated and elected by their peers, in view of their distinguished achievements and career-long service. Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Engineering are committed to ensuring that Canada’s engineering expertise and experience are applied to the benefit of all Canadians”, quoted from the Media Release. Professor Guohua Chen Otto Poon Charitable Foundation Professor of Smart and Sustainable Energy Chair Professor, Energy Conversion and Storage, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University He is an outstanding chemical engineer, a renowned expert in electrochemical technologies for sustainable development, leads the commercialization of proprietary technologies for energy storage applications, and is actively working to increase the global impact of chemical engineering. This honour recognised Professor Chen’s contributions in Engineering field and inspire more researchers! Please click here for The Canadian Academy of Engineering – Media Release


Awarded Smart Traffic Fund_Dr Sunliang CAO


We are pleased to announced that a research project which is led by our RISE member Dr Sunliang CAO is awarded around HK$2.5M with Smart Traffic Fund. Project Title: The smart charging development of zero-emission autonomous electric vehicles by the X2V and V2X technologies with respect to the dynamic traffic, grid and energy information This project aims at developing a smart charging energy management system to recommend where, when and how to charge electric vehicles with a view to minimising mileage for locating available charging facilities. Smart Traffic Fund is set up at 2019, to provide funding support to local organisations or enterprises for conducting research and application of innovation and technology with the objectives of enhancing commuting convenience, enhancing efficiency of the road network or road space, and improving driving safety. News Release from the official website Congratulations to Dr Cao!


Dr Dahua SHOU-Endowed Young Scholars Scheme


Congratulations to Dr Dahua SHOU, we are pleased to announced that Dr Shou, our RISE member is recognized as Limin Endowed Young Scholar in Advanced Textiles Technologies under Endowed Young Scholars Scheme. Dr Shou has significant research achievement. Recently, the below Dr Shou’s project is awarded Silver Medal at Geneva Invention Expo, which is helpful to body energy saving. This technology provides improved thermal and sweat management. For detail of this project, please refer to Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship Office website. Awarded Project: Omni-Cool-Dry™: a Desert Beetle Inspired Skin-like Fabric for Dynamic Thermal and Moisture Management Dr Shou’s research focus on iFiber: Interface, Fibers, Intelligence, Bioinspiration, Energy, and Robotics. He published over 60 peer-review papers, obtained TechConnect Global Innovation Awards and holds 6 granted patents in China and USA, and files 5 US/PCT patent applications. He also granted the RGC, ITF, ECF and industry support to conduct his research. Congratulations to Dr Shou and wish him every success in his research!


Congratulations FRSC


We are pleased to announce that Professor Zijian ZHENG, our RISE member is recently awarded Fellow of The Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC).   The Royal Society of Chemistry act as a catalyst for the chemistry that enriches our world. They emphasis on collaboration. They connect scientists, bring people together to inspire innovative ideas and new partnerships. Simultaneously, they also support teachers to inspire future generations of scientists, to bring significant influence towards Chemistry field.   It is an honor to become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC), recognizing Professor Zheng’s significant research contributions and brought great impacts in the Chemical Sciences field.   Congratulations to Professor Zheng and wish him every success in his research!


The Presidents Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Knowledge Transfer 2021

智慧能源研究院學者獲頒發香港理工大學 2021「校長特設傑出成就獎」團體獎項(只有英文版本)

We are pleased to announced that two project teams which are led by our RISE members Professor Shengwei WANG and Professor Xiaoming TAO had awarded Team Awards in Knowledge Transfer: Industry in The President’s Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Knowledge Transfer 2021.    Below is the Introduction of 2 Awarded Projects:   Project Title: Transfer and Implementation of Smart Technologies for Building Life-cycle Optimization and Diagnosis Team members:  Professor Shengwei WANG (Project Coordinator) Professor Fu XIAO Dr Hangxin LI Dr Kui SHAN   They are members of the Building Energy and Automation Research Laboratory (BEAR) and the Research and Institute for Smart Energy (RISE), affiliated with the Department of Building Environment and Energy Engineering (BEEE). BEAR led by Professor Wang has developed a serial of smart technologies for saving energy in new and existing buildings. These technologies can be grouped into three categories as follows.    Building Energy Diagnosis Tools including: Building level energy performance quick evaluation and diagnostic tool, Detailed evaluation and diagnostic tool for A/C and BA systems, etc.;   Virtual Test Platforms including: Building system online performance simulation test platform (digital twin), BA control and diagnosis strategy online test platform, etc.;   Optimization Toolsincluding: Building HVAC system probabilistic design optimization tool, Package of online smart energy efficient control and diagnosis strategies, etc.   These technologies are implemented in many buildings and development projects, such as various commercial buildings, hotels and industrial buildings, by means of contract research and consultancy services of over 20 projects with total amount over HKD 13M in the period between 2012 and 2018.  Besides achieving energy saving for the industrial partners (collective annual energy saving of over 2 M kWh), these application projects also provide the team strong support and latest information on the development needs for the further research and development of the novel methodologies and technologies for smart, energy efficient and energy flexible buildings and districts towards carbon neutrality.    Project Title: Nu-Torque™: A Breakthrough in Yarn Manufacturing Technology for Better Textile Properties Team members: Professor Xiaoming TAO (Project Coordinator) Professor Bingang XU Dr Tao HUA   Nu-Torque is a revolutionary yarn-spinning technology that uses physical means to create yarns with lower torque and twist while achieving the same strength as conventionally spun yarns. Fabrics made with Nu-Torque yarns are less prone to deformation even after repeatedly washed, while also feel softer, look shinier and with less hairiness. Compared with conventional yarn-spinning technology, Nu-Torque also improves productivity, saves energy and reduces pollutions. Fabrics and garments made with Nu-Torque yarns are widely sold in the U.S., Europe, Japan and China.    Congratulations to both project teams for their excellent achievement!      


20220207-Singtao News -RISE


A News is published on 7 February 2022 by Sing Tao Daily regarding the establishment of Otto Poon Charitable Foundation Research Institute for Smart Energy (RISE) and Otto Poon Charitable Foundation Smart Cities Research Institute (SCRI), the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. RISE is introduced through this interview with Professor Shengwei WANG, Director of RISE. RISE Brief Summary of the News RISE is established, as a cross-disciplinary research platform in PolyU, for development innovative and sustainable energy technologies and solutions. With over 50 faculty members from 12 departments, RISE also aims to pursue translational research on innovative energy and carbon-neutral solutions and to foster a university community for conducting interdisciplinary research with greater impacts. RISE 5 Research Focus Areas District Energy Systems and Smart Grid Smart Buildings and Smart Energy Systems Advanced Energy Storage Technologies Advanced and Renewable Energy Conversion Technologies Advanced Energy Materials   


26 RISE Scholars Ranked Worlds Top 2 Scientists Released by Stanford University


Stanford University has released an update for science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators. 3 RISE scholars are within top 50, totally 26 RISE scholars recognized as top 2% of scientists in the world. It is prepared by a team of experts led by Professor John loannidis of Stanford University. The publicly available database provides standardized information on citations, h-index, co-authorship adjusted hm-index, citations to papers in different authorship positions and a composite indicator. The list can be downloaded from here. Congratulations to our top scientists! RISE Top 2% Scientists in the Global List  Name (by alphabetical order of surname) Subject Field (Rank within field) Dr Liang AN  Energy Prof. Jiannong CAO  Networking & Telecommunications Dr Yang CHAI  Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Prof. Guohua CHEN  Chemical Engineering (13) Prof. Jianhua HAO  Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Dr Bolong HUANG  Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Prof. Haitao HUANG  Materials Prof. Shu Ping LAU Daniel  Applied Physics Prof. Gang LI  Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Prof. Lin LU  Energy Dr Kwok Wai MUI Horace  Building & Construction Prof. Meng NI  Energy Prof. Jianlei NIU  Building & Construction Prof. Xiao Ming TAO  Materials Dr Peng WANG  Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Prof. Shengwei WANG  Building & Construction (20) Prof. Yuhong WANG  Building & Construction Dr Ling-tim WONG  Building & Construction Prof. Wai-yeung WONG Raymond  Inorganic & Nuclear Chemistry (26) Prof. Fu XIAO  Building & Construction Prof. Zhao XU  Energy Prof. Feng YAN  Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Prof. Hongxing YANG  Energy Dr Haimin YAO  Mechanical Engineering & Transports Dr Guangping ZHENG  Materials Prof. Songye ZHU  Civil Engineering


2022 Optica Fellows Press Release20001050


Professor Gang LI, our RISE member is recognised as one of 2022 Optica Fellow, referring to the Press Release announcing the 2022 Class of Fellows from Optica. Optica is the leading organization for scientists, engineers, business professionals, students and other interested in the science of light. Optica Fellows are members who have served with distinction in the advancement of optics and photonics, and they are selected based on several aspects, i.e. distinguished contributions to education, research, engineering, business and serving the community.  The Press Release can be found here. Congratulations to Professor Li!  


2021 Highly Cited ResearcherProf Gang LI Prof Feng YAN 20001050