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資助日期 資助計劃(只有英文版本) 項目(只有英文版本) 首席研究員
2021年12月 Strategic Supporting Scheme The economics of land supply and Hong Kong’s housing market

許智文教授, MH, JP (BRE)

2021 年 12月 Strategic Supporting Scheme Responses of air pollution to land use changes and green building options in Hong Kong 郭海 教授 (CEE)
2021年12月 Strategic Supporting Scheme Study of water quality parameters in Hong Kong: from present to future prediction under the government development schemes 黃文聲 教授、測量師 (LSGI)
2021年12月 Strategic Supporting Scheme Towards a fast and economical marine reclamation using sustainable fill material and its quality control and quality assurance 殷建華 教授 (CEE)
2021 年 12月 Strategic Supporting Scheme The use and development of remote sensing technologies for biodiversity and habitat assessment of environmentally sensitive areas 陳武 教授 (LSGI) 和 王予紅 教授 (CEE)
2021 年 12月 Strategic Supporting Scheme Anchoring foundation design for floating structures from multiscale modelling to macroelement with intelligent selection towards land creation 尹振宇 博士 (CEE)
2021 年 12月 Strategic Supporting Scheme Detection and projection of coastal erosion hotspots driven by extreme sea levels under a changing climate 王碩博士 (LSGI)
2021 年 12月 Strategic Supporting Scheme Value-added recycling of waste plastics from single-use food containers and masks into sustainable asphalt pavement 冷真 博士 (CEE)
2022 年 6月 Strategic Supporting Scheme A GeoAI framework for urban flood hazard monitoring, risk assessment, and scenario-based projection 翁齊浩 教授 (LSGI)
2022 年 7月 Strategic Supporting Scheme Field trial study of a new marine reclamation approach using local dredged marine deposits consolidated by horizontal drains with vacuum preloading with advanced instrumentation toward “Lantau Tomorrow” vision 殷建華 教授 (CEE)