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撥款日期 資助計劃 項目 (只有英文版本) 首席研究員 資助總額
2021/22 研資局 -協作研究金 Study of carbon sequestration in Hong Kong’s vegetation: from present to future prediction under climate change 黃文聲 教授、測量師 (LSGI) HK$4,949,639
2021/22 研資局 -協作研究金 Is the usual social distance sufficient to avoid airborne infection of expiratory droplets in indoor environments? 郭海 教授 (CEE) HK$4,703,090
2021/22 環境及自然保育基金 A multi-source remote sensing based technique for monitoring oil spills 黃文聲 教授、測量師 (LSGI) HK$1,920,520
2021/22 環境及自然保育基金 Climate-resilient planning and design for coastal stormwater drainage systems 王碩 博士 (LSGI) HK$490,600
2022/23 公共政策研究資助 Developing low-cost remote sensing system for detecting illegal dumping of construction waste in Hong Kong 朱孝林 博士 (LSGI) HK$281,060