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日期 刊物名稱 (只有英文版本) 專題 (只有英文版本) RILS成員作者
2024 年 1月 International Journal of Geosynthetics and Ground Engineering A case study of performance comparison between vacuum preloading and fill surcharge for soft ground improvement 殷建華 教授 (CEE)
2023 年 4月 International Journal of Geomechanics A New Calculation Method for Life-Cycle Settlement of Soft Ground with Creep Treated by Columns 殷建華 教授 (CEE) & 吳沛琛 博士 (CEE)
2023 年 3月 Engineering Geology Effects of Temperature on the Time-Dependent Compression and Shear Behaviour of a Soft Marine Clayey Soil 殷建華 教授 (CEE) & 吳沛琛 博士 (CEE)
2022 年 9月 Proceedings of The HKIE Geotechnical Division 42nd Annual Seminar: A New Era of Metropolis and Infrastructure Developments in Hong Kong, Challenges and Opportunities to Geotechnical Engineering A Sustainable Approach to Marine Reclamations Using Local Dredged Marine Soils and Wastes: Soft Soil Improvement, Physical Modelling Study, and Settlement Prediction-Control 殷建華 教授 (CEE) & 吳沛琛 博士 (CEE)
2022 年 6月 ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Cloud and cloud shadow detection for optical satellite imagery: features, algorithms, validation, and prospects 翁齊浩 教授 (LSGI)
2022 年 6月 Remote Sensing of Environment Impact of temporal composite on nighttime light (NTL) data and its applications 翁齊浩 教授 (LSGI)
2022 年 5月 Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing Learning-Based Methods for Detection and Monitoring of Shallow Flood-Affected Areas: Impact of Shallow-Flood Spreading on Vegetation Density 翁齊浩 教授 (LSGI)
2022 年 5月 Computers and Geotechnics A mixed constant-stress smoothed-strain element with a cubic bubble function for elastoplastic analysis using second-order cone programming 尹振宇 教授 (CEE)
2022 年 5月 International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation Global 10-m impervious surface area mapping: A big earth data based extraction and updating approach 翁齊浩 教授 (LSGI)
2022 年 5月 Applied Energy Solar photovoltaic generation for charging shared electric scooters 黄文聲 教授 (LSGI)