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Projects Funded by RCRE

Date Project Title PI Amount (HK$)
Feb 2022 Innovative Concrete Structures Enabled by Macro Fibres Recycled from Waste Glass Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Prof. YU Tao (CEE) 500,000
Feb 2022 Recycling Waste PE Plastics into Low-carbon Sustainable Asphalt Pavements Dr LENG Zhen (CEE) 500,000
Feb 2022 Using Greenhouse Gas CO2 to Enhance 3D Concrete Printing Ir Prof. POON Chi Sun (CEE) 500,000
Mar 2022 Using Sea Water as Medium for Dyeing Cotton – A Flexible Way to Replace Fresh Water Dyeing Prof. KAN Chi Wai (SFT) 500,000
Mar 2022 Development of a Novel Three-stage Anaerobic Process for Food Waste/Sewage Sludge Co-digestion Dr LEU Shao Yuan (CEE) 500,000
Apr 2022 Towards Circular Construction: Quantitative Sustainable Design for Recycling and Reusing Anthropogenic Resources Dr HSU Shu-Chien (CEE) 500,000
May 2022 Development of Functional Artificial Geopolymer Aggregates for Sustainable Construction Prof. DAI Jianguo (CEE) 500,000
May 2022 Social Impact Assessment of the Regulation of Disposable Plastic Tableware and Exploration of Alternative Plans Dr WU Qiaobing (APSS) 500,000
May 2022 Upcycling Home Textile Wastes into Organic Carbon Electrodes for Rechargeable Batteries Dr FEI Bin (SFT) 500,000
Jun 2022 An Exploration of Factors Motivating Carbon Neutrality Goal Settings in Hong Kong Manufacturers Dr FAN Di (SFT) 500,000
Aug 2022 Carbon-Neutral Materials from Major Commercial & Industrial Food Wastes in Hong Kong Dr WONG Ka Hing (ABCT) 500,000
Aug 2022 3D Printing of Biochar Concrete: Rheology, Microstructure, and Applications Prof. TSANG Chiu Wa (CEE) 500,000
Sep 2022 Urban Waste Biorefinery for Zero-waste and Carbon-neutral City: an Integrated Decision-making and Optimization for Circular Economy and Industrial Symbiosis Dr REN Jingzheng (ISE) 500,000
Sep 2022 Development of Low Carbon Glass-based Architectural Products with Durable Antiviral (Anti-COVID) and Antibacterial Potential Dr CHIOU Jia-chi (ABCT) 500,000
Sep 2022 Toward Decarbonized Transportation via Carbon-Free Blending of Sustainable and Petroleum-Derived Aviation Fuels Dr CHENG Song (ME) 500,000
Nov 2022 Development of Emissivity Regulative and Photothermal LIG Nanocomposites-based Energy Harvest Membrane for All-day Thermoelectric Power Generation Ir Prof. LU Lin (BEEE) 500,000
May 2023 High-value Calcium Carbonate Produced from Fast Carbonation of Recycled Concrete Fines Dr SHEN Peiliang (CEE) 250,000
May 2023 Turning Incinerated Sewage Sludge Ash into Engineering Fill using Microbial Induced Calcium Carbonate Precipitation Method Incorporating CO2 Sequestration Dr CHEN Wenbo (CEE) 250,000
May 2023 Development of a Novel Glass Calcined Clay Cement (GC3) for Low-carbon Durable Concrete Dr LU Jianxin (CEE) 250,000
May 2023 Development of CO2-reactive Quasi-LC3 Cement from Solid Wastes Dr ZHANG Shipeng (CEE) 250,000
Jun 2023 Artificial Photosynthesis: Conversion of CO2 into Carbohydrates using Microfluidic Reactors Prof. ZHANG Xuming (AP) 500,000
Jul 2023 Developing Bio-sourced and Biodegradable Polyester Films as Sustainable Alternatives to Polyolefins for High-value-added Applications Dr JI Ying (SFT) 250,000
Jul 2023 Multi-sensor-based Smart Sorting (MSS) System for Solid Waste Recycling and Sustainable Development Prof. CHEUNG Chi Fai, Benny (ISE) 500,000
Sep 2023 Recycling of Tunnelling Induced Waste Soils with AI-based Rapid Identification, Classification, Dewatering and Low-carbon Solidification Technology Prof. YIN Zhenyu (CEE) 500,000

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