Pursuant to Section 6 of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Ordinance, Council is the governing  body of the University with power to do such things as are necessary for, or incidental to or conducive to, the better carrying out of the objects of the University and may in particular:
  1. acquire, take on lease, purchase, hold and enjoy any property and sell, let or otherwise dispose of the same;
  2. enter into any contract;
  3. erect, provide, equip, maintain, keep in repair and regulate the buildings, premises, furniture and equipment and all other means necessary for carrying on the work of the University;
  4. provide appropriate amenities for members, persons in the employment of the University and students;
  5. provide residential accommodation and social and athletic facilities for persons in the employment of the University and students;
  6. approve the expenditure of the funds of the University in the furtherance of its objects;
  7. invest the funds of the University in such manner and to such extent as it thinks necessary or expedient;
  8. borrow money in such manner and on such securities or terms, including mortgaging the property of the University, as it thinks expedient;
  9. apply for any grant in aid for its functions on such conditions as it thinks fit;
  10. employ any professional or expert person to advise it on any matter arising out of or in connection with any of its functions under the University Ordinance;
  11. receive and solicit gifts and act as trustee of moneys and other property vested in the University on trust;
  12. confer degrees and other academic awards including honorary degrees and honorary awards;
  13. enter into a partnership or any other form of joint venture with other persons;
  14. acquire, hold and dispose of interests in other corporate bodies and take part in forming corporate bodies;
  15. provide for profit or otherwise advisory, consultancy, research and other related services.
Council may make statutes for the better carrying out of the purposes of the Ordinance.


Council may delegate any of its powers and duties to the President except that of the following:
  1. to approve the annual programme of proposed activities and financial estimates;
  2. to approve and issue the financial statements of the University;
  3. to approve the policy governing the terms and conditions of service of persons in the employment of the University, other than persons in the part-time or temporary employment thereof; or  
  4. to make statutes.