Terms of Reference

  1. To receive cases of removal from appointment on grounds of inefficiency or other good cause as referred to it by Management.
  2. To consider such cases in accordance with Appendix A of the Conditions of Service for Academic and Equivalent Administrative Staff on Superannuable Terms.
  3. To decide on the removal of staff from appointment, or otherwise.
  4. To recommend to Council, with reference to the seriousness of the case(s) considered, if the rights and advantages of the appointment(s) in question should be forfeited, or otherwise.


One lay member of the Executive Committee

(In the absence of the Chairman, a Deputy Chairman, who shall also
be a lay member of the Executive Committee, could be appointed
to deputise for him.)

One Vice President or one Faculty Dean

One academic Head of Department or Chair Professor 

One non-academic Head of Department

(These three members should not be from the same Faculty or
Department as the subject of review.)


A staff member from the Human Resources Office appointed 
by the Director of Human Resources

Note: The Chairman of the Staffing Committee shall not be the same person appointed as Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee.