Terms of Reference

  1. To provide advice and recommendations to Council on matters relating to University governance.
  2. To review from time to time the effectiveness of prevailing policies, systems and procedures on governance issues, and to recommend to Council appropriate improvements, if deemed necessary.


A member of Council appointed by Council Chairman
Mr SIN Yat-kin 單 日 堅, SBS, CSDSM, JP

Up to 3 other members of Council appointed by Council Chairman
Dr Rodney CHU Wai-chi 朱 偉 志
Ir Arthur LEE Kam-hung 李 錦 雄

Professor Jin-Guang TENG 滕 錦 光, JP

A member of senior management nominated by the President and appointed by Council Chairman
Dr Miranda LOU 盧 麗 華
Executive Vice President

A staff member appointed by the President
Ms Vivian CHEN 陳 淑 清
Assistant Secretary to Council