Terms of Reference

  1. To recommend candidates to Council for appointment as Council Members under Section 10(1)(d)(ii) of the PolyU Ordinance, ie. Members who are not employees or students of the University or public officers appointed by Council, when vacancy arises.
  2. To recommend to Council the re-appointment of existing Council Members appointed under Section 10(1)(d)(ii) of the PolyU Ordinance.
  3. In making the recommendations, the CMNC shall seek to achieve a balance of membership in terms of expertise and experience in order to meet the needs of the University.
  4. CMNC may invite nominations for Council membership from the University community, including Council members, staff, students and alumni, as deemed appropriate.


Chairman of Council
Dr LAM Tai-fai 林 大 輝, GBS, JP

Deputy Chairman of Council
Dr Lawrence LI Kwok-chang 李 國 祥, JP

Treasurer of the University
Ms Loretta FONG Wan-huen 方 蘊 萱

Professor Jin-Guang TENG 滕 錦 光, JP

Up to 2 other Council Members appointed by Council Chairman
Mr Alex WONG Chun-bong 王 振 邦

Miss Connie CHAN 陳 育 華
Secretary to Council


Note: Members of CMNC shall not participate in the discussion or decision regarding their own re-appointment.