Terms of Reference

  1. The Audit Committee will play an advisory role and report directly to Council.
  2. It will perform a review of the University's annual accounts, focusing on the adequacy and fairness of disclosure, before its submission to Council for approval.
  3. It will be responsible for ensuring that an appropriate control environment is maintained, that risks are identified and appropriate controls implemented to address the risks, and that such controls are functioning effectively.
  4. It will satisfy itself that external and internal audits are functioning effectively.
  5. It will approve the appointment or re-appointment of external auditors.
  6. It will meet with, as necessary, the external auditors and assess key audit findings, and with internal auditors and receive copies of all internal audit reports.
  7. It may be invited to assist Council in addressing other relevant issues that might emerge from time to time.
  8. It will invite relevant units and executives of the University to support its work.


A lay member of Council with appropriate expertise, excluding those serving on other Council Standing Committees, appointed by Council Chairman
Dr Thomas SO Shiu-tsung 蘇 紹 聰, JP

Two lay members of Council with appropriate expertise, excluding those serving on other Council Standing Committees, appointed by Council Chairman
Ms Vena CHENG Wei-yan 鄭 慧 恩
Mr YU Wai-wai 余 惠 偉, JP 

Ms Eva CHIU Sau-chun 趙 秀 珍
Director of Internal Audit