The Council and Management of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) are fully committed to achievement of the institutional mission under the principles of good governance.

PolyU has, over the years, developed a comprehensive framework of systems, structures, procedures, rules and regulations to ensure that the University is effectively managed and is accountable to the public in all of its operations. This Code of Practice on Governance (the Code) serves to consolidate and codify all relevant governance issues into a useful reference document for the proper conduct of institutional affairs.

The Code provides clear guidelines on institutional operations for members of the University with a view to assisting them in carrying out their duties in an independent and objective manner, and serving the University’s best interests.

The intention of the Code is not merely regulatory but also developmental. For such purpose, the Code is developed in a format capable of being adjusted to reflect the changing environment of the higher education sector. To enhance understanding, relevant references of a subject are appended under the “Related Document” section, which may include information for internal reference only.

As the expectations of governance may change over time, the Code is subject to review and revision regularly by the Council to ensure that it remains fit for purpose.