To scale new heights of knowledge creation.


Overarching Goal

To build up high-impact interdisciplinary research areas, a cutting-edge research infrastructure, and high-quality, diversified research postgraduate programmes.


Strategic Priorities

(a)         To facilitate the implementation of high impact research through cross-disciplinary collaborations among faculties/schools and other University Grants Committee-funded institutions.
(b) To establish the necessary research infrastructure to support large-scale research initiatives in the identified research areas.
(c) To cultivate a mutually supportive, interdisciplinary and forward-thinking research culture.
(d) To enhance the international dimension and impact of research, and to further PolyU’s global reputation for research excellence.
(e) To strengthen research postgraduate programmes.
(f) To enhance the recruitment of research postgraduate students from different cultures, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds.
(g) To assist high-quality research postgraduate students to become leaders in their respective disciplines.