To deepen University-community collaboration for greater synergy and impact.


Overarching Goal

To be the leading institution for Knowledge Transfer (KT) and entrepreneurship, advancing impactful ventures for PolyU’s research and technologies.


Strategic Priorities 

(a) To create an ambience that promotes the application of research results and recognizes KT, entrepreneurship and social innovation for industry and societal impact.
(b) To advance development of technology expertise in various domains to increase their readiness for industrial exploitation.
(c) To maximize and develop commercialization opportunities of PolyU's technology through the concerted efforts of internal and external stakeholders.
(d) To broaden knowledge diffusion and transfer to create greater societal impact, locally and regionally.
(e) To be a centre of excellence for staff and student entrepreneurship through a two-tier strategy addressing both broad practice and depth.
(f) To ensure KT activities are conducted in a governed manner, while addressing and balancing the interests of stakeholders with no hidden conflict of interests.